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    Alternative exam arrangements 18/19

    Alternative exam arrangements

    Alternative Exam Arrangements

    Students wishing to obtain support in exams, due to a disability, specific learning difficulty, medical issue or injury please contact the Disability and Dyslexia Service, if you have not already been assessed please contact the Disability and Dyslexia Service. Students with permanent conditions who have previously received provisions during exams do not require a further assessment. You will be emailed to your University account nearer the time of your exams.

    Exam PeriodDeadline to Contact DDSConfirmation Email Sent
    January19 November 201814 December 2018
    April/May28 February 201929 March 2019
    July24 May 20195 July 2019
    August24 June 20192 August 2019

    Sitting your exam elsewhere

    If you are not able to be on your campus for your exams you are able to apply to sit your exam/s at another approved institution. Applications are subject to you locating and obtaining permission from a host institution to supervise your exam. There are fees incurred by Middlesex University and by the host institution or this service which you will be required to pay before arrangements are made. You must ensure that you read and fulfil all the criteria before applying. It is your responsibility to make yourself available for examinations as advertised on the published exam timetable (University Regulation H1.7b). Application and payment to be made on our Online store.

    Dates & Deadlines for arranging for exams at an alternative venue: please note that we are unable to confirm arrangements until the final exam timetable has been published.

    Exam PeriodOn-Line Shop OpenEarly Payment Discount DeadlineOnline Shop Closed
     April/May exams25 February 2019 12 March 201929 March 2019
    July exams17 June 201926 June 20195 July 2019
    August exams17 June 201931 July 20194 August 2019

    Distance learning

    If you are on a Distance Learning Programme you must apply to sit your exam. Exams can be sat at any of our campuses (London, Dubai, Malta, Mauritius). If you are unable to sit your exam at one of our campuses you can apply to sit your exam/s at another approved institution - please note that there is a fee incurred in this instance. Applications for sitting exams at an alternative venue are subject to you locating and obtaining permission from a host institution to supervise your exam/s. Please read and complete the application form.

    External students

    If you are an external student who wishes to sit your exam/s at one of our campuses, we may be able to host your exam. To arrange this it is essential that you contact your home institution to ensure that they will permit this prior to making an application. We can arrange for an exam to take place in any one of our campuses (London, Dubai, Malta, Mauritius) subject of course to resources being available to host your exam. You can view the exact location of all our campuses on our website. Please ensure that you allow at least 3 weeks for this request to be actioned. Please note that there is a fee for each exam that is hosted by Middlesex University, this fee is in addition to any fees which your home institution may charge you. Application and Payment is to be made via our online store. If you wish to query the service we offer please contact UniHelp.

    Religious Observances

    If you are unable to take examination/s on a particular day/s during the published examination periods for reasons of religious observance, you should contact the exams office and advise us by completing the Religious Observance form (available here) and submitting it via Unihelp. If this notification comes BEFORE the publication of the final exam timetable we will endeavour to move the exam to a permissible day where exam activity is permitted. If forms are submitted AFTER publication of the final exam timetable, the University may only be able to offer a deferral to the next exam period. Please note that all such requests will need to be supported by a formal letter from your religious leader. Arrangements will only be made for religious days of obligations where it is prohibited to partake in examination activity. If you are unable to sit an exam for any other reason, extenuating circumstances should be applied for.

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