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Student Representatives

Board of Studies

A Board of Study meeting is a forum for student and staff representatives to discuss teaching/supervision, learning, and to support issues in an open manner.

Twice in the academic year your Student Representative will gather feedback from their peers, to work alongside university staff to improve the student experience. Click here for a short video outlining the role of a student representative.

You can find contact details for your student representatives below, please feel free to contact them directly with your feedback.

Student Representatives

FacultyStudent Representative
Professional and Social Sciences

- Durga Vellore Nagarajan (DN230@live.mdx.ac.uk)

- Aarti Bhandari (AB2810@live.mdx.ac.uk)

- Aine Alam (AA1589@live.mdx.ac.uk)

- Lung (Roger) Lin (LL563@live.mdx.ac.uk)

- Patrick Yankey (PY105@live.mdx.ac.uk)

Science and Technology

- Ruth Gyereh (rg686@live.mdx.ac.uk)

- Janice Pereira (JP1035@live.mdx.ac.uk)

- Ed Edris (EE351@live.mdx.ac.uk)

- Fahim Hayat (FH323@live.mdx.ac.uk)

- Sarah Welland (SW1218@live.mdx.ac.uk)

Arts and Creative Industries- Christa Sathish (CS1375@live.mdx.ac.uk)

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