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Knowledge into Action 2024

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Knowledge into Action

The 2024 Spring programme brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines. It will be an opportunity to hear from inspirational speakers, collaborate with peers, respond to real-life challenges, and reflect on the impact of our research in the world.

Our purpose is to create Knowledge and put it into Action; to develop fairer, healthier, more prosperous and sustainable societies.

The Spring Programme

Middlesex University Knowledge into Action runs through Spring 2024 at our interdisciplinary campus in Hendon, North London. A series of dialogues and workshops will build up to the two-day KiA lab, where students, researchers and established academics collaborate to address real-world issues.
  • Upcoming Events

  • Earlycareer Researchers' Forum

  • April 25, 2024, Early-Career Researcher's Forum

    C207 11:00 -16:00

    Network with colleagues from other Faculties and Services, and get involved with wider initiatives such as the British Academy Early Career Researcher Cluster Network. The programme will include an interactive session on ‘Demystifying Research Impact’, including practical tips to maximise and measure the impact of your research and knowledge exchange activities.

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  • KiA Dialogue 2 May

  • May 2, 2024, T3 Dialogue

    C219  15:30 - 17:30

    The second in the T3 Theme Dialogue series will explore what we mean by Knowledge Exchange and how we can best harness MDX talents to this endeavour.

    How we can translate that into more effective impact?

    Should this lead to more focussed research or is it a sufficient activity on its own?

    If exchange is to be meaningful does it require a change of engagement practice by Universities?

    Where does the expertise reside?

    The Panel:

    Prof. Carmel Clancy,  Dean Health, Social Care and Education

    Prof. Loraine Leeson, Professor of Art & Social Practice

    Prof. Andy Bardill,  Professor of Product Design & Engineering

    Dr. Jenni Ward, Associate Professor in Criminology

    Chair: Prof. Kurt Barling, Professor of Journalism & University Theme Director, Culture & Enterprise

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  • KiA Lab

  • May 15-16 2024, Knowledge into Action Lab

    The KiA lab returns after its successful launch in summer 2023. A packed two-day programme will feature provocation briefs from Age UK Barnet and Clean Air Barnet, keynote speakers, interdisciplinary workshops and opportunities to meet and work with colleagues from across the university.

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  • Previous Events

  • Transciplinary Practice in Action

  • April 16, 2024, Transdisciplinary Practice in Action

    Transdisciplinarity sounds like a lot of things and not anything at all. It can be a confusing term but it is an idea, a concept, that makes complete sense to those who are working in professional environments.

    We spent an engaging and illuminating afternoon exploring these ideas – with the help of leading exponents from academia and industry.

  • KiA Student Showcase 18 March

    KiA Student Showcase 2024KiA Student Showcase

    KiA Student Showcase

    KiA student shocaseKiA Student Showcase

  • March 18, 2024, Student Showcase

    Celebrating our students’ and colleagues’ fantastic work: sparking interest, discussion and connection around the very notion of Knowledge in Action and the many forms it may take.

    Counter don’t Cancel: Anti-misogyny work in schools



    Mdx Works: Employability and placements



    Citizens UK: Supporting asylum seekers


    MDX Marketing: Free bus travel for asylum seekers

    Campaign story

    Video and Creative Methods Research Group

    Research Group


    MDX Iranian Society: Vida Baradarannia



    MDX Enactus: Social & environmental change through entrepreneurial action



    Kilburn Lab: Unearthing the peoples’ history of Kilburn

    Dr Francesca Murialdo


    SMASHfest: Our VR game, based on the live immersive show – ‘Space Plague’ https://flic.kr/s/aHsmLBCu6H



    Fresh Air Campus: Air quality action in Barnet



    Citizens Assembly: Citizens selected at random to make recommendations on issues



    Posters in Parliament: Taking MDX innovation to Government



    Women in Stem: Computing group for female students and staff at Middlesex



    Women’s Engineering Society: Encouraging more women to pursue a STEM education



    Library Special Collections: The MDX collections of art and design



    Learning from Labour: Society for Research into Higher Education

    MDX Research Highlights


KiA graphic

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. Our integrating themes have clear links to these important goals.

Middlesex is part of the SDG Accord which foregrounds the critical role that Higher Education has in delivering the SDGs and the value that our institutions bring to governments, business and wider society.

Our Integrating Themes


By taking action to make healthcare better for those who need it, we aim to reduce inequalities in people’s care. Beyond healthcare, we are improving physical, mental, and social health and wellbeing in all parts of society. We have brought together stories from colleagues across the university to show how our community is working towards a healthier future for everyone.

More on Health and Wellbeing


With the belief that entrepreneurship can be key to a fair and inclusive future, we foster skills for economic participation and success to build a more equal, caring, and prosperous society. We use culture and creativity to enrich the lives of individuals and communities, and we contribute to organisations of all types through impactful research and knowledge exchange.

More on Culture and Enterprise


Locally, nationally, and around the world, we support people to make their communities more sustainable and fairer and to protect the environment. Globally, our expertise influences economic, social, and environmental policy and practice, enabling us to create change within communities.

More on Sustainable Communities

The Theme Team

MDX Theme Directors oversee the development of activity across our the three integrating themes of our 2031 strategy

Projects emerging from the 2023 Knowledge into Action Lab

  • MiniBeasts of Barnet

  • MiniBeasts of Barnet

    The project will comprise a series of research and activities with reception class children, including nature trails, arts-based making activities, discussion groups, and performances with an inter-generational focus. This cohort of children will be 21 in 2040, when Barnet aims to become a fully net-zero borough.

    The focus of the activities with children will be on 'minibeasts’: microbial and insect life found in a variety of habitats, including the many green spaces in the borough. The project will emphasise how 'small things can make a big difference’, encouraging children, with their families and carers, to take personal responsibility for the environment that they share with even the smallest of creatures. And to contemplate how small lifestyle and behavioural changes can have profound implications for addressing climate issues locally.

  • Ante natal class

  • Ante-natal English for Ethnic Minority Women

    An innovative project that leverages the expertise of Middlesex University in Midwifery, Applied Linguistics and Education. The primary objective is to develop an EAL syllabus tailored to empower ethnic minority women’s participation in ante-natal classes, thereby improving their understanding of crucial medical information.

    The initial phase of the project involves creating a corpus of spoken and written English commonly used in ante-natal contexts between healthcare professionals and patients. Employing corpus linguistics analysis, we aim to identify prevalent language patterns used in discussing maternal health and pregnancy, thereby informing the design of the EAL syllabus.

    Subsequent steps include the design, piloting and refinement of teaching materials based on the syllabus, ensuring their effectiveness and practicality. These materials will be used by midwifery students on community placements.

  • Barnet Climate Action

  • What is London Climate action week?

    London Climate Action week is harnessing the power of London for global climate action. LCAW is the annual event bringing together world-leading climate professionals and communities across London and beyond to find practical solutions to climate change.

    Founded in 2019, LCAW is the largest independent climate change event in Europe. LCAW is helping to shape our future into one that is net-zero, equitable and resilient. Rooted in our diverse, international city, LCAW uses its global perspective to spark climate action around the world. Come join us this year in harnessing the power of London for global climate action!

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