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Student loans

Getting started

Many UK and EU students are eligible to apply for loans and grants to help meet tuition and living costs.
The Student Finance pages at Gov.uk enable you to:

  • Check your eligibility
  • Estimate your likely entitlements
  • Make an application

There are two types of support available:

  • Non-income assessed – this means you will only receive the basic amount of loan available for that year.
  • Income assessed – this means that you will need to provide information about your household income which will be used to assess whether you have an entitlement to a larger loan and/or grants.

Once your application has been assessed you will receive a breakdown of your loan and/or grant entitlement for the academic year. This is known as Maintenance Funding.

For more information download the following Welfare Advice Guide:


You will need to inform SFE of any changes that occur relating to your application. Changes you will need to update include:

* Name and address
* Course or University
* Suspending or withdrawing from studies
* Amount of loan you are requesting

For details of how to submit the above changes refer to Student Finance England.

Starting University

Once your application for financial support has been approved the university will be asked to confirm your attendance for the current academic year. This process is automated and generally confirmation is issued on the same day that the request is received. In order for a Confirmation of Attendance to be sent the following requirements need to be satisfied:

* You are fully enrolled
* You have had an ID check carried out

Once confirmation has been sent the SLC will release your first instalment. Subject to the above you should expect your payment in the first week of term.

Problems getting your loans/grants

If you have had an assessment, are fully enrolled, but have not received your first payment within three days of the scheduled payment date, please check the following:

  • That you signed and returned your declaration to Student Finance England.
    You can find your 'declaration form' online once you have logged on to your account. If you applied on paper you should have already signed the 'loan declaration form' as part of your application. You can download your 'notification of entitlement letter' by:

    1. logging into your student account
    2. selecting 'notification of entitlement letter in 'View correspondence'
    3. ahead of 'log into your Student Finance account'
    4. Go to 'myAccount'.
    Log in to your Student Finance account

That your National Insurance number has been validated.
Your payment might be temporarily blocked while Student Finance England checks your National Insurance number with the Department for Work and Pensions.
Log in to your Student Finance account

If you've changed course or university since applying for student finance, there's no need to worry: you'll still get paid and you don't need to re-apply. However, we may be required to provide a manual confirmation until the change is updated by Student Finance England. In order for us to do this please scan a copy of your financial notification (which states a different College or University) and send it to the Student Financial Support office at sfs@mdx.ac.uk

You must let Student Finance England know about the change by logging in to your student finance account and selecting 'Make a change to your application'. You will then be issued with a notification confirming that you are studying at Middlesex University and your subsequent support payments can be made automatically.
Log in to your Student Finance account

In certain instances students will find that the university has not sent a Confirmation of Attendance because you are not enrolled as a Full Time Student. This can happen when:

  • You are required to repeat elements of a Full Time Course on a Part Time basis
  • Your studies have been suspended pending resits

In such cases you might not have an automatic entitlement to financial support and you will need to contact the Student Financial Support Office (sfs@mdx.ac.uk).

For more information download the Welfare Advice Guide: Where's my money? Common problems

Further information

For comprehensive advice and guidance relating to all aspects of student funding and student welfare, please contact the Student Welfare Advice Team

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