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    Programme Voice Groups

    Guidance on the operation of Programme Voice Groups

    Programme Voice Groups are the main function by which Student Voice Leaders can represent the views of their cohort to Academic and Service staff. Programme Voice Groups would run twice a year and are where a dialogue can take place between students and staff to discuss ways of and improving programmes, and improving your experience.

    Full documentation for Programme Voice Groups can be found here and includes expectations of Student Voice Leaders and staff.

    • FAQs

      • What is discussed at Programme Voice Groups?

        Along with the feedback that Student Voice Leaders collect from their cohorts, the Groups will also discuss information relating to the quality of your programme and this includes;

        • External Examiner reports
        • Data and action plans from student surveys
        • Updates from programme staff.
      • What information is available?

        Your programme team should make the following available on MyUniHub for all students to view, and the Student Voice Leaders will be sent the information in advance of the Programme Voice Groups;

        • External Examiner Reports and Programme Team Responses,
        • Student Survey results and action plans.
        • Annual Monitoring reports – although this is not on the formal agenda, Student Voice Leaders s can raise issues from these reports

        It is important to ensure these are available to you to allow you to review information about your programme, including feedback from previous students, what changes have been made, and feedback from your external examiner and either discuss any concerns or give feedback to your Student Voice Leader  to report at the Programme Voice Group.

        Finally, the agenda, minutes and action plans would be available on MyLearning for you to review.

      • Timetable

        The dates for the pre-meeting and main Programme Voice Group would be scheduled before the start of the academic year and made available in the programme handbook and on MyUniHub.

        • Start of Term – Meeting dates would be made available to you in your programme handbook.
        • 2 weeks prior to the pre-meeting – Student Voice Leader s should collect cohort feedback and prepare for the pre-meeting.
        • Pre-meetingStudent Voice Leader s give cohort feedback, and agree the agenda and discussion to be addressed at the Programme Voice Group.
        • 1 week prior to the Programme Voice Group - Agenda would be sent to all members including the Student Voice Leaders, and this would include reports and papers. These should be read in advance of the meeting.
        • Programme Voice Group to take place
        • 1 week post meeting - the action plan should have been circulated, ideally within 1-2 days.
        • 4 Weeks post meeting - the minutes, with the action plan as a reminder, should have been circulated.
      • Ensuring a productive Programme Voice Group

        In practice, Programme Voice Groups should be productive meetings, useful for both students and staff. Student Voice Leaders are encouraged to contribute and should receive guidance before the meeting – ideally through training from MDXSU. There is also an expectation that Student Voice Leaders have attended the pre-meeting to ensure they can give feedback and shape the agenda of the Programme Voice Group to ensure your issues are responded to.

        It is also important that Student Voice Leaders understand the remit of their role and the type and content of evidence they are being asked to submit. Student Voice Leaders should report on cohort feedback, and all students are encouraged to provide feedback to Student Voice Leaders to ensure that general issues can be discussed.

        Whilst a Programme Voice Group should be a forum for discussion and an exchange of views, it should not be an environment for individual criticism or blame. A Programme Voice Group should allow students and staff to work together to improve the experience – for both staff and students – on a programme or group of programmes.

      • Minutes and Actions

        The minutes of the Programme Voice Group would be made available to all students and the Student Voice Leaders will be able to provide feedback to their cohort. Students will also be able to review the information that was discussed.

      • Attendance

        Attendance at a Programme Voice Group and pre-meeting is one of the core responsibilities of a Student Voice Leader. Student Voice Leaders unable to attend a group would be given the opportunity to submit a written report in lieu of attendance. Student Voice Leaders should adequately survey the views of their cohort on their programme before the pre-meeting. Similarly, it is expected that SVLs attend MDXSU-run Student Voice conferences to help prepare them for their role within Programme Voice Group or to make full use of the online training resources hosted on the MDXSU website.

        Should no Student Voice Leader be in attendance, a Programme Voice Group should still go ahead especially if written reports have been submitted although this is not ideal. If no Student Voice Leaders can attend or provide a report, ideally the Programme Voice Group should be rescheduled to ensure that students can attend and there is an active discussion about the programme.

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