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    Prof Carole-Anne UptonHere are some examples of how your voice has had an impact within the Faculty of Arts & Creative Industries:

    • Fashion: Students on the three BA Fashion programmes have sometimes struggled to integrate fashion theories and visual cultures modules with their studio practices, with detrimental effects on progression.  In order to support them the programme team for BA Fashion Communication and Styling introduced reflective writing workshops in the first year, pre-dissertation and pre-final collection ‘concept generation’ sessions in the second year and ‘theory/practice’ workshops in the third year. The success of this integrated approach to theory and practice throughout the student experience is evidenced in very high satisfaction ratings in the NSS for the quality of teaching on the programme (97%).
    • Media: BA Television Production students raised concerns that the two high-end camera kits had been “ring-fenced” for 3rd year BA Film students. This “ring-fencing” had been done in response to BA Film students’ issues last year, that 3rd year dissertation students could not book this kit when they needed them. After consultation with DoPs and Programme Leaders in Film and Television, the Media HoD and the Faculty Technical Manager looked at needs and budgets. We committed to immediate purchase of no less than five additional camera kits.  All of the kits are now with us and will soon be available for booking.  This will give students of both TVP and film access to 11 high-end cameras.
    • Performing Arts: In Music, our students requested 24-hour opening of Grove B music rooms; this was agreed to arrangements put in place within a matter of weeks. In Theatre Arts – students requested social/study space in Ravensfield; we refurbished the former Studio 5 as a student learning zone/audience space, working with students to approve the final design and choose the furnishings. In Dance – students were concerned that there wasn’t enough studio space for assessment preparation; we commissioned the new Ritterman dance studio that opened in October 2016.
    • Visual Arts: The academic and technical teams in Visual Arts listen carefully to student feedback, responding to each point at Boards of Study through action plans. In response to the issues raised over the past year we have purchased more 6x6 cameras; implemented further web-design workshops; ensured explicit career-planning is built into modules, particularly third-year tutorials; and worked across the academic team to raise awareness and deepen students’ understanding of the relevance of contextual study for individual subjects.
    • Music: After students reported that they wanted more frequent opportunities to record their music, 24-hour opening of the recording studio (G179) has been piloted.
    • Animation: In response to students requesting facilities for stop-motion filming, the Grove has added new space for this specialised technique.
    • Theatre Arts: A new common room has been opened, after students expressed a desire for more communal space. Sound systems are also now available in three of the four studio spaces.

    Prof Carole-Anne Upton

    PVC Executive Dean - Faculty of the Arts

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