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    NHS funding and Nursing Student Travel claims

    • Nursing Travel Claims

      • Who can claim?

        If you are studying on one the following programmes and in receipt of an NHS bursary you may be eligible to claim reimbursement for travel expenses to practise placements and lectures that are not held at your base.

        Please note you cannot claim for accommodation.

        Eligible Nursing Programmes:

        • BSc Nursing
        • BSc European Nursing
        • PG Diploma Nursing

        Eligible Midwifery Programmes

        • BSc Midwifery (3 year programme)
      • When can I claim travel expenses?

        To be eligible to claim, the daily cost of travelling to and from placements and or lectures MUST BE in excess of your normal daily travel costs, between your term time address and Hendon Campus.

        You should use the cheapest form of transport available for your journeys, taking full advantage of any free and concessionary schemes.  If you travel by public transport you may claim against the cost of your fares. You will need to keep all receipts (i.e. bus/train tickets) and attach these to your claim as proof of the journeys undertaken. You may only claim for the days that you actually attended, you may not claim for absence days.

      • Can I use my own motor vehicle?

        Normally you will be expected to use public transport.  If you choose to use your own motor vehicle you must obtain authorisation from the University before your placement begins. You will also need to get confirmation from your insurers that you have adequate cover for all costs and claims, that no liability is placed on the University or any NHS body.

      • How much can I claim?

        If you plan to undertake more than two return journeys in a week you should purchase a weekly or monthly travel card, reimbursement will be based on Transport for London 18+ Student rates. See the Transport for London (TfL) tickets section on how to obtain an 18+ student Oyster photo card.

      • How do I make a claim?

        Before you can make your first claim you need to register for the scheme and provide your bank account details.
        Claim forms must be completed for each calendar month, and must be submitted to Financial Services by the 15th of the month for payment into your bank account on the 24th of each month.

        Nurses Travel Claim Registration Form

        NHS Travel Claim Form 2016

        NHS Travel Claim Form 2017

        Forms may be emailed to: stufees@mdx.ac.uk

        Alternatively you can post them to:

        Middlesex University
        Student Fees and Finance
        The Burroughs
        NW4 4BT

        All claims must be received by the university within 3 months. Any claims more than 3 months old will not be paid.

      • Transport claim forms

        Public transport claim form

        When claiming for public transport you MUST attach tickets / Oyster card statement as proof of your journey(s) to your claim form.

        Vehicle mileage claim form

        If you have registered to use your bicycle or motor vehicle you should use the AA route planner to calculate your mileage to placements.

        Mileage claim form

        Further information on completing the mileage claim form

        How can I save the public transport and car mileage form to my documents on my own PC so that I can use them again?

        These claim forms are designed to be filled in online, so that the claim amount is automatically calculated for you. Once completed simply print, attach tickets/ receipts, sign and send. Please do not submit hand written forms as they will not be processed.

      • How will I know if my claim is approved?

        If there are any queries with your claim or the claim is not accepted you will receive an e-mail sent to your University e-mail account accessible via myUniHub which will explain the reason for the query/rejection.  Otherwise the payment will be paid into your bank account by the 24th of the month if we have received the claim by the 15th of the month.

      • Why do I have follow these procedures?

        Student travel expenses are reimbursed using public funds (via the NHS).  The University has an obligation to ensure that expense reimbursements are only paid to those students who fully comply with the terms of the scheme. If you fail to adhere to these procedures your claim may be rejected.  If you claim is rejected or altered for any reason notification will be sent to your university email account.

    If you require any further information or assistance regarding travel claims please contact the Receivables Team;

    • By telephone on 020 8411 6400 (option 1) 9am to 4:30pm, Mon-Fri
    • By email at: stufees@mdx.ac.uk

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