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    Research Training and Development

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    We offer a variety of events and training programmes for our postgraduate research students. These aim to connect students with like minded colleagues, as well as assisting and enabling them to become more effective as researchers.

    Researcher Development Programme

    The Researcher Development Programme is a series of seminars available to the Middlesex research degrees community. It complements the discipline specific research development seminars which are offered in faculties/schools. The programme consists of sessions focusing on specific skills and resources students will need on their research journey and will provide them with the opportunity to meet other researchers, share ideas and network. Attendance at these workshops is valuable to students' personal development, research journey and successful completion of the research programme.

    The sessions are delivered by academics from across the university with specialist knowledge in these areas. They are delivered face to face on our Hendon campus, as well as via webinar.

    Full details of the upcoming sessions can be found here.


    Finding the time and space to focus on making / continuing your progress towards completion of a Research Degree can be very demanding at the best of times; this is particularly the case for people juggling their Research Degree with work and/or family commitments, as many research students at Middlesex are. And particularly the case for those with a strong commitment to social media!
    Designed and run in partnership between the LET [Learning Enhancement Team], the librarians team, the Research Degrees Administration Team, and Research Students themselves, Retreats are designed to enable participants to step into a zone in which they can spend quality focused time away from the daily distractions of work, emails, mobile phones, and social media, and dedicate themselves to researching, researching and more researching, and to writing, writing and more writing. They are all about giving participants time to focus and make those decisive steps forwards in the long journey towards completing a Research Degree, and, if you wish, to meet other Research students and compare your approaches to your work, and to share the pain! They are also an opportunity to discuss your researching or your writing one-to-one with an expert, if you might want to do so.
    A Retreat usually starts with participants sharing their objectives for the event in small groups; progress towards these objectives is then self-monitored during the event, and the successful meeting of those objectives – we won’t have it any other way – shared with your fellow participants at the end of the event. Participants are usually pleasantly surprised at just how much work they can get one with some dedicated time spent.

    Research Retreats

    Usually run by the librarian team over a day, Research Retreats are your opportunity to give yourself time and space to bury yourself in researching the literature and find ideas and information to move your research decisively forwards. Research Retreats are usually run a week or two in advance of Writing Retreats, to enable you to ensure you have plenty to write about at the next Writing Retreat

    Dates for the 2018/19 academic year are coming soon

    DateLink to sign-up

    Writing Retreats

    Usually run over two days by the LET [Learning Enhancement Team] in collaboration with two Research Students, Writing Retreats are your time to get those magic words and thoughts down on paper and get sections / chapters done, whether in draft or in final form. In the same way every journey starts with a single step and gathers momentum, every piece of writing starts with a single word.

    Dates for the 2018/19 academic year are coming soon

    DateLink to sign-up

    Wellbeing Series

    The Research Degrees Administration Team, in collaboration with Wellbeing, have organised a series of webinars which will be specifically aimed at Postgraduate Research Degree students.

    Overcoming Procrastination - Simone Gold and Kate Medlin

    Why do you procrastinate? What are you REALLY trying to avoid when you do it? What makes the habit worse – and how can you break it?  Find the answers and create an individual action plan for yourself with the help of this webinar session, open to all Middlesex University postgraduate students.

    Date and time Webinar Link
    10th July 2018, 14:00 - 16:00

    Presentation and Performance Anxiety - Simone Gold and Kate Medlin

    Anxious about presenting in public? You’re not alone! But you can’t escape it either! As well as needing to present papers and pass your Viva, you’re very likely to need to give presentations in your life after University.  So sign up and learn how to work with your anxieties and present with confidence. This webinar is open to all Middlesex University postgraduate students

    Date and time Webinar Link
    16th October 2018, 14:00 - 16:00

    Isolation and Alienation - Julie Crabb and Simone Gold

    This webinar has as its theme “alienation, isolation and loneliness – how to better connect”.
    All research students are invited to join us to reflect on how to manage and combat the common feeling and behaviour that result from a sense of alienation, isolation and loneliness as a research student.

    Date and timeWebinar
    22nd January 2019 14:00 - 16:00

    Mindfulness - Mark Coulson

    A session to better understand Mindfulness

    Date and time Webinar Link
    20th March 2019, 14:00 - 16:00

    MDX Presentation Competition

    Can you communicate your research effectively to others? Would you like to win a prize for your presentation skills? This is your chance to improve your skills and showcase them to your peers.

    You will have a maximum of 5 minutes to effectively present your research to your colleagues and a panel of academics, with the chance to win first, second and third prize. This competition is open to all Postgraduate Research Degree students who are currently enrolled on a course at Middlesex University.

    We hope that this experience will help improve your skills in the art of communication. It should also help with preparation for your viva panel, networking, conferences, explaining your research succinctly to family or friends... the list is endless!

    Eligibility to take part in the competition:

    • You must be an enrolled student on a research degree programme at Middlesex University
    • You must prepare the presentation alone (without supervisory input)
    • The content must be based on the research that you are currently doing
    • Each student can only present once, and only one student per presentation
    • You must have attended the presentation workshop in order to take part in the competition.
    • Your presentation must adhere to the rules given to you during the presentation workshop

    Key dates:

    Session Date and time Link to register
    Presentation workshop Wednesday 2nd May 2018 - 14:00 Please sign up here
    Presentation competition Wednesday 23rd May 2018 - 12:00  

    Please note that to be eligible to take part in the presentation competition, you will need to have attended the presentation workshop to ensure that you are familiar with the rules. Refreshments will be provided!

    If you have any queries about these sessions please email

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