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    Use of the employability service

    The DES is an opportunity for you to gain work experience or seek skilled employment within the UK. To increase your employment prospects and help you get the most out of your time on the scheme, the University's employability service is available to you.

    The employability service has excellent links with industry and we strongly advise you to take advantage of this service, which is open to all students and recent graduates of the University.

    The employability service will be informed that you have been issued with a DES visa, but it is your responsibility to make an appointment to see them.

    • Employability Questions

      • When should I apply?

        You cannot apply for the DES until you are almost ready to make your final submission (including corrections). You must apply within 60 days of your expected award date, and this is a small window of opportunity.

        You should chat to your supervisory and programme team to find out how long it will take for your award to be officially confirmed by the University. This depends on various factors, such as the availability of external examiners. You need this information to decide when to apply for the DES.

      • How do I apply?

        The University must agree to act as your Tier 4 sponsor and issue you with a CAS before you can apply for a DES visa. To request sponsorship for your DES visa, you must complete the DES application form.

        The University will review your application and if it is approved, you will be issued with a CAS.

        When you receive your CAS, you can use this to apply to the Home Office for a Tier 4 visa extension. We advise you to seek advice from our International.

      • How will the University assess my application?

        The University will assess your application for DES sponsorship based on your current situation and history. We will consider:

        • your attendance / academic engagement during your PhD course
        • your current immigration status, and your immigration history
        • any previous breaches of your visa conditions
        • when (or if) you are likely to pass your PhD course

        The University will only approve your request for DES sponsorship if we are satisfied that you do not pose a risk to the University's Tier 4 sponsor licence. When a decision on your application is made, we will write to you to inform you of the decision.

      • What requirements do I have to meet when I apply to the Home Office for my visa extension?

        When you apply to the Home Office to extend your Tier 4 visa under the DES, you must meet the current Tier 4 requirements in place at the time you apply.

        • You must provide evidence you have enough money to meet the funding requirements.
        • You must state your CAS reference number on your application
        • You must have a current visa and passport
        • You PhD must not yet have been awarded
        • You may have provide an up-to-date ATAS certificate (depending on the subject of your PhD)

        To reduce the chance of a visa refusal, we recommend that you seek advice from our International Student Advisors before sending your application to the Home Office.

        More information on the Tier 4 requirements can be found on the Home Office website

      • How much does it cost to apply for the DES?

        The University does not charge you for your DES application. However, you must pay the appropriate Tier 4 application fee to the Home Office. This is currently £406 for applications made within the UK (Jan 2014).

      • Maintaining contact with the University

        As your Tier 4 sponsor, the University is obliged to maintain contact with you throughout your time on the scheme. This is usually done by email approximately 4 and 8 months after your visa is issued.

        This email will contain some questions which you must answer within 7 days. It is very important that you respond to this email because we will cancel your Tier 4 sponsorship if we lose contact with you.

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