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My Attendance – queries and answers

Information about the new attendance system for students

As you’ll have seen from various communications, we have launched a new exciting attendance system which means you can simply check-in to your timetabled sessions via MDXapp, as well as being able to track your overall attendance. So far, 9,000 of you have checked-in using the My Attendance tile in the app.

While the majority of you are checking in successfully, some of you are experiencing issues which is why we thought it might be helpful to highlight these and let you know what to do next.

Not seeing upcoming classes

If you can’t see your upcoming classes within My Attendance, check your classes are appearing in the Timetable tile correctly.

If everything is showing as it should be in your timetable tile, then try carrying out the following actions:

  • refresh your My Attendance page,
  • log-out/in of the app,
  • delete and then reinstall the app.

If, however, you cannot see your timetable or the above actions failed to work then pop to the Student Attendance Helpdesk in the Quad or speak to a Check-in Ambassador located at the entrance to each of the teaching buildings. You can also raise a ticket with UniHelp. When you do this, please include your Student ID and the model and make of your phone (this will help the team replicate the experience you are having and therefore identify a solution/ fix the problem in a more timely way).

Invalid check-in

First of all, it’s important you are in the room shown in your timetable when you try to check-in – if you are not, then it will appear as invalid. The above video helps to explain the process.

However, we know that some of you are experiencing invalid check-ins even when in the correct location. We are sorry about this and are working with the mobile app provider to resolve this issue as soon as we can. Please be reassured that this will be taken into account when your overall attendance score is calculated – and your lecturers and personal tutors are already aware of these technical issues.

For more FAQ’s, please see the official My Attendance page on UniHub

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