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    Outstanding MDX students awarded scholarships

    Future sports stars, entrepreneurs and talented artists were among the students presented with awards at the annual Middlesex Scholarship and Awards Ceremony.

    The Scholarship and Awards Ceremony acknowledges the achievements of Middlesex Scholars and provides them with an opportunity to thank the donors who made the event possible.

    Award donors included Santander, IBM, Viridian Housing Association and Conygar Investments Plc as well as the Michael Rosen Scholarship and the David Tresman Caminer Scholar.

    Receiving a scholarship can ease some of the financial strain and allow students to dedicate extra time to their studies. Those juggling sporting interests and academic life are provided with funds for training, equipment and physiotherapy.

    Recipient of the Lord Sheppard Award – School of Law, Agnieszka Dorota Stachowiak said: "I am honoured to be a recipient of the Lord Sheppard Award. The award has reduced my financial burden, enabling me to work fewer hours while attending school and focusing on my education. This is of great importance to me, especially this year, since I am devoting a considerable amount of my free time to the European Law Moot Court Competition.

    "The award has also made me proud of the work I have done to date. Being recognised for my academic achievements has improved my self-confidence and motivates me to score highly."

    Recipient of The Michael Rosen Scholarship, Inayat Patel said: "The Micheal Rosen Prize for Marketing is about so much more than just a financial reward. It's about recognition, appreciation and motivation.

    "Receiving the Marketing Scholarship is very exciting because employers are always on the lookout for that little bit extra and I'm sure this achievement will help me stand out from the rest. It adds depth to my academic credibility and has definitely encouraged me to want to continue delivering my very best."

    The ceremony was hosted by Deputy Chief Executive Melvyn Keen with Chancellor Dame Janet Ritterman, presenting the Certificates.

    Deputy Chief Executive Melvyn Keen said: "Scholarships aren't the only way a university can provide support to students, but they are nevertheless important.

    "We must make sure that every single one of our students achieves their potential as it is absolutely vital to us; whether that's academic potential and sporting talent or ensuring they make their mark in business or the community. I'm excited about what our scholarship winners can achieve here at Middlesex, and in future."

    A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

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