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#SustainableMDX – 5 green activities to do while at home

You may think that being at home restricts you from being less proactive in regards to protecting the environment. Yet, Rita – MDX student and Sustainability Intern at the University – has been taking advantage of having more free time to take up some new green practices.

Here’s 5 of Rita’s sustainable activities that might help keep your days (and your mind) as fresh as possible while indoors.

#1 Develop a new sustainable habit 

For one week straight, try to add one new sustainable habit to your day. This could be grabbing your reusable water bottle and filling it rather than drinking or buying plastic water bottles.

Once that week is over, try to add another habit to maintain, and then the following another one and so forth.

Once you get into these habits, they become easier to adopt until you no longer have to think about it.

Here is a fun DIY habit tracker to draw on your notebook to keep you motivated and on track:

#2 Weave scarf 

In Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope weaves a tapestry while waiting for Odysseus to return.

While you wait for lockdown to be over you could learn how to weave a beautiful simple scarf and give it as a present for a friend once you reunite!

#3 No waste cooking bootcamp 

To make sure you use every little bit you bought in your last food shop and avoid any waste, get creative and try new recipes with the combinations of ingredients you have. You can always use websites like: https://www.supercook.com/ to create a recipe based on what you have on your pantry or video call a friend to give you suggestions and cook with you. This is an amazing opportunity to become the chef you were born to be!

#4 Create a capsule wardrobe 

Dive into your wardrobe, look at each piece of clothing and make a pile of the ones that really have a meaning and make you feel confident. The second step, is to try and do as many combinations as you can with these same pieces. The ones that don’t make it to this selection, you can always donate or sell.

#5 Get sustainably inspired 

Relaxing is very needed as well! So, just lie on your bed, go on youtube and watch some passionate people talking about sustainability or providing new tips and tricks. Here are some of my favourites:

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