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COVID-19 - Advice for International Students in the UK

4 things to keep in mind as an international student in the UK during Covid-19

As an international student, there are probably numerous things you might feel uncertain about. It is true that the pandemic has altered the plans of many current and potential international students in the UK, however, the higher education sector is doing the best they can to ensure students experience as little disruption to their education as possible.

Here are four things you should keep in mind during the pandemic as an international student in the UK:

1. Respect the Safety Measures

It is absolutely essential to respect the safety measures set by the government and health officials. Practising social distancing rules while keeping the proper hand and respiratory hygiene decreases your chances of getting the virus. It is truly in the hands of each one of us to slow the rate of infection and flatten the curve. Despite many controversial opinions worldwide, we should realise that this is a real global pandemic, risking our health and economy.

By respecting the safety measures, we give our, not-so-little, contribution towards bringing the pandemic to an end.

There are international student support services in the UK, which you can contact whenever you find yourself confused regarding coronavirus and its effects.

2. Protect Your Mental Wellbeing

Most of us, as international students, have had our own daily routines before the pandemic. Life simply followed its course. No one is to say that things will not go back to normal, because they will, soon enough.But, right now, as we are spending most of our time inside, protecting our mental health is as important as protecting our physical health.

Read, watch movies, relax, exercise, keep a journal, cook, bake an apple pie, FaceTime people you care about.

Make a list of all the things that make you happy and start practising them one by one from the comfort of your home.

3. Commit to Your Online Classes

New things, no matter how simple, might overwhelm you a little at the beginning. Trust me, getting out of your comfort zone gets a lot simpler as time goes on. It is the same with online classes!

A few tips on online classes that should be kept in mind, include:

  • Stay organised and create a routine.
  • Find a comfortable study space and use it.
  • Practice what you learn.
  • Find ways to keep yourself motivated.
  • Do not be afraid to interact with your professors and peers.

4. Reduce Your Media Intake

Having too much time in your hands can compel you to spend more time using social media and consequently reading everything that the media has to offer. A piece of honest advice would be, stick to factual information. Find reliable sources and read what they have to write. Not everything you will read on the internet is true.

Then again, reduce your media intake, read what is necessary, and spend the rest of your day taking care of yourself and your mental wellbeing.

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