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    Cereal student survival


    Cereal killersWe know you love cereal. We love it too. That's why we asked Gary and Alan Keery, our guests at PG Connect: Feed your passion  on Wednesday 20 May 2015 and owners of the hit Cereal Killer CafĂ© in Shoreditch and Camden, to share their expert knowledge on the best cereals to see you through the highs and strife of student life.

    What's the best cereal to cure a hangover?
    "Something very sugary for the energy and double milk to rehydrate. Probably Frosties with extra sugar."

    And what's the best cereal to nosh on before a big exam?
    "Never eat cereal before an exam. Treat your self after, unless you mess it up, then no cereal for you."

    Student life is tough. What do you recommend to relax after a hard day's studying?
    A mixing bowl full of cereal, Netflix, and a box of match makers.

    Top cereal recommendation?
    Anything peanut butter, if you've never had a peanut butter cereal, you are in for a treat.

    And finally…which cereal mascot is The Daddy?
    If there were a cereal mascot war, Tony the tiger would be first to go, he's all bark and no bite. The winner would be the leprechaun from lucky charms, because leprechauns are notoriously sneaky, and Irish people always come out on top.

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