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    Meningitis Awareness Week

    Leading UK charity Meningitis Now is calling for all first year university students to get the lifesaving Men ACWY vaccine this winter

    The charity, which launches its Student Awareness Week on 24 October, will be drawing attention to the worryingly low uptake of the vaccine leaving thousands of students at risk from this disease.

    Following an increase of 809% in meningococcal (group W) meningitis cases in the past five years, government launched a vaccination programme to protect those aged 17-18 and first year students up to 25 through GPs and clinics.

    Despite the increasing risk to students and the recent deaths of a number of students across the UK, the uptake of Men ACWY remains very low, with just 17.4% across England taking up the vaccine.

    You can follow and support Meningitis Now's Student Awareness Week on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #ACWYnot.

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