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    Middlesex Students’ Union help the homeless with community kitchen


    Middlesex University Students Union (MDXSU) successfully organised the first ever community kitchen for homeless people on the University’s campus on Saturday 8 October with students enjoying the experience of volunteering their time to help the local community.

    Middlesex University Students’ Union Vice-President, Orla Hillary said: “We wanted the students to be involved in the community because Middlesex University is a big part of Hendon.

    “Students mostly tend to do their degree, go to parties and not have the chance to do everything else like interact with the community. It feels amazing to be involved, it is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new ways of life and more importantly, appreciate the amazing things we have in our lives.

    “Additionally, it is a good way to practice multiple skills. You give something and get something back. It teaches you not to take things for granted and volunteering is always a more employable trait to have on your CV.

    “The next Community kitchen will be on 5 November and we want to do another one before Christmas. After January we would like to do it every two weeks or every week.”

    Another of the volunteers was Jamie Bown, 3rd year 3D Animation and Games student at Middlesex University, he said: ”It is important because many people walk past when they see a homeless person and it is worth not ignoring them but do something. They must be lonely out there.

    “I have not done it before but now I think that it is important to do. I am happy to do something if I can make them happy.“

    If you would like to get involved in future initiatives visit:

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