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Revision tips with Caryl Bryant

As exam season approaches, we asked Caryl Bryant, Senior Law Lecturer at MDX, to share her top tips to ensure you get the most from your revision sessions.

1. Write practice answers to manage your time properly
When writing  practice answers, give yourself time to understand the question - underlining key words can help this. Ensure you create some kind of plan at the beginning of each question on your answer booklet (if you are not able to complete the question, this could even give you brownie points!)
Also, get used to writing short sentences. It creates a logical format and makes for a stronger structure.  Practise writing to improve your legibility, underline your key points if necessary – this makes it easy for the examiner, inability to understand your handwriting will put you in bad stead.

2. Read until you explode
Go through as many past papers as you can - there is a high likelihood of old questions re-appearing in new exams. MDX provides has a plethora of ways to help you 'read smarter', use and abuse these resources:

  • Online Journals
  • Databases
  • Books/E-Books (MyKoretext)
  • Lecture Slides
  • Subject specific Software
  • Newspapers
  • Exam paper database

Remember, it's important to only use trusted resources that are objective, reputable and unbiased. Do not give the examiner a chance to laugh at your references!

3.Use your 3 'Rs' - Review, Revise & Repeat
It is important to keep your revision content manageable to memorise. Don't over-revise, keep to the important stuff and pace yourself to ensure that your brain isn't overloaded by information. Try to understand your personal learning path, be self-aware with what you can handle and use that accordingly.

Best of luck!

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