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    MDX illustration graduate Alex Foster has been recognised in the 2015 World Illustration Awards for his colourful visual campaign promoting the River Thames.

    Having your work seen in 250 London tube stations, 500 National Rail stations across the UK and 10,000 advertising brochures is no mean feat for a young illustrator. But now Alex Foster, MDX illustration graduate and the artist behind an eye-catching advertising campaign for the 2014 Totally Thames festival, is gaining even more recognition by being awarded the New Talent prize in the Advertising category of the World Illustration Awards.

    "I was very excited to learn that I had won the award," Alex said. 

    "I had found out months before but couldn't tell anyone – that was tough! I wanted to get it on my website as soon as possible, and I'm really looking forward to seeing if some nice projects come my way from it."

    Alex graduated from Middlesex in 2013 with a first-class honours degree in illustration and now lives in Margate.  

    "I have lots of fond memories from Middlesex and London in general," he says. 

    "The degree show was one of the best times I think, because it was a time for everyone to be proud of what they'd made and become, to look forward and be positive about the future, and we could all relax and have a good time together."

    "The illustration course and its staff were amazing at preparing us for the 'real world' of illustration," Alex recalls.

    "While they made it difficult by piling on the projects and work, this really helped prepare us to make quality work to deadlines. Now, even when I have a lot of work on, I am prepared and know how to deal with it without having a meltdown!"

    Discover more of Alex's work on his website.

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