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    Middlesex student wins Sigma Student of the Year

    Noor Talaimojeh, a second year Student Learning Assistant (SLA) who is supporting maths modules, has been awarded the ‘Sigma Student of the Year 2016’.

    This national award from sigma network for excellence in maths and statistics support was for Noor’s outstanding contribution to student support mainly in her role as an SLA, as a founder member of the Middlesex Maths Society and for her outreach work as a Maths Ambassador.

    Magda Durka from the Peer Assisted Learning Team spoke to Noor about her achievements:

    Noor with her prize“I did not expect to win as it is a national award and a lot of skilled people within the UK have been nominated for it. So imagine my surprise and incredible excitement when I found out that I won"

    "Most of the things I was involved with were arranged by Middlesex University. My friends and I were part of the sigma society and the aim was to make maths fun. We used mathematical riddles and sculptures to engage people."

    "There are so many opportunities at Middlesex University to show your talent and what you can offer as a student.”

    Please join us in congratulating Noor for her outstanding achievements.

    For more information about the Sigma Network on their website.

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