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What is happiness?


A cross-disciplinary group of six students, three from arts management and three from marketing management set themselves the task of mounting a photographic competition and exhibition.  In an attempt to combat negativity, particularly around deadlines, they decided to ask the question 'What makes students happy in their University life' and challenge them to visually answer the question 'What is happiness?' The results were exhibited in the Atrium on Tuesday 24 March.

With over forty entries the team were able to mount an insightful display. "Many of the pictures were about friendship, food or studying in London," explained Carly Verhey, one of the organisers.

"We had to exclude a few photographs, but overall we were delighted with the results. Our targets were practically met and the visitors to the exhibition were complimentary. The standard of entries was really high, so the judges had to deliberate and it took them a long time to choose their winners. While this was happening we entertained the visitors with dance and opera."

To select the winner the judges looked at technique, story, aesthetics and how happiness came across in the photos. The winner, Aleksandr Lugin, received a prize of £100 for an image of a visitor to a museum, examining an exhibit. His caption read: 'Happiness is when you are curious. It is when you constantly ask "Why?" It is when you get inspired by questions and challenges. When we reason – we are alive; when we reflect the things that surround us – we exist. "I think, therefore I am". "Cogito ergo sum"

The runner-up was Laura Oberhofer, who won £50 for her image of a woman happily surrounded and clearly enjoying sweets of all descriptions. Laura's caption read: 'It is very easy what makes me happy during stressing student days: SWEETS; I am a real sweet tooth'

The event was sponsored by 'Destination Learning' a company that works more often with the marketing department to bring 'the curriculum to life'.

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