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    9 things to do over the summer

    Summer has officially started, the academic year is over and, for most students, there are still months of holiday left to enjoy. Here are some tips on how to make the most of it:

    Get some work experience

    The best way to become employable is to have as much work experience as possible.

    In order to get some tips on how to get started, book an appointment with the employability office. The office, set in the college building, just off the Quad, is open Monday- Friday from 10am till 6pm. Just have a look here or send an e-mail to

    Check if you need to do your resits/deferrals

    If by any chance you need to redo your exams or had a deferral, do not panic.

    You have until August to complete everything but double check with your programme leader to find out the exact date. Here are the most frequent questions and answers. If you are struggling to find somewhere to concentrate, the Sheppard Library is still open 24h seven days a week 24/7 until the end of July. Find out more about the library here. Additionally the LET (Learning Enhancement Team) provide support throughout the summer. Click here.

    Go to a music Festival

    If you love music, meeting new people and want to have some fun, a festival is a must for your summer. The exciting thing about music festivals is that they are all over the world! If you do not want to go too far, the V festival will be held just outside of  London, Winchester will host a festival in August and the Isle of Wight another one in September. Additionally, the famous Tomorrowland is coming again at the end of July and the Sziget festival in August. You might still be able to get some tickets!

    Get a summer job

    If you are worried about your finances for the next academic year or want to save up for a bigger holiday, now it is the best time to get a job. Have a look at and find a summer job that you like.

    Do some volunteering

    RAG (Raise and Give) organises volunteering trips including those in Uganda, Tanzania, Thailand and Romania. These trips offer life-changing opportunities like teaching English and playing with the kids in an orphanage. Additionally, RAG leads several fundraising challenges including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. If you have missed the deadline, you can still fundraise for next year. Find out more here. There are also loads of associations that are always looking for volunteers. Have a look online and find out which one suit you best.

    Go on holiday, you deserve it

    After a long and busy academic year, you really deserve a holiday! If you do not fancy going away with your family, there are many opportunities to join organised trips around Europe, completing sailing courses or going backpacking around the world. Browse online and do not wait until it is too late to book.

    Learn new skills

    Summer is the perfect time to learn something new. Improving your cooking skills will save you from another year of microwave meals and perfecting GCSE French can boost your CV. There are many short courses to do, even online.

    Play loads of sport

    The sun goes down later and the weather is better, so why not play some sports? There are so many ways to de-stress and work with your muscles: your body and your mind will thank you.

    Get three friends, four rackets and head off to the closest tennis court!

    Get excited for the next academic year

    Are you a returning student and can’t wait to start the next academic year? Then you should join the Freshers Group. Share your experience and help new students joining Middlesex in September.

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