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    A message from the Mayor of London

    The Mayor has written to a number of universities to reassure them about the result of the referendum

    Dear Colleague,

    I received a number of letters from London’s universities and from London Higher and Universities UK at the start of my Mayoralty. I greatly appreciated this and look forward to working with you over the coming years.

    I know the referendum result will be of real concern to you. I want you to know that the interests of London’s higher education sector – its staff, students, quality of teaching, research and knowledge transfer – will be a priority for me over the coming months. Our universities are a core part of what makes London the greatest city in the world. Together, we will ensure London continues to be the best place to study, do business and innovate and a city where all Londoners can take advantage of these opportunities.

    I am particularly aware that many of you will have staff and students from other European Union countries. I want them to know that London is their home – on that front, nothing has changed. Please tell them directly: We value the enormous contribution you make to our city, and that will not change as a result of this referendum.

    Also, I hope you can join us in reassuring students that London remains a welcoming city. I and London & Partners, the official promotional company for London, are active on social media using the #LondonIsOpen, which has trended globally and reached over 85 million people.

    I want to thank you for your leadership and commitment to this great city. I am confident that London will continue to go from strength to strength. Our universities will be at the heart of this.

    Please feel free to share this letter with your staff and students.

    Yours sincerely,
    Sadiq Khan
    Mayor of London

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