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    Don't forget to vote today

    Today sees the election for the Mayor of London and the 25 members of the London Assembly

    Vote todayThey will be responsible for many aspects of your everyday life – from the underground, local bus services and policing, to green spaces, air quality and Trafalgar Square.

    It's crucial that you use your vote.

    For more information click on the candidates' names to read their mini-manifestos:

    • BERRY, Sian Rebecca - Green Party
    • FURNESS, David - British National Party
    • GALLOWAY, George - Respect (George Galloway)
    • GOLDING, Paul - Britain First - Putting British people first
    • GOLDSMITH, Zac - The Conservative Party Candidate
    • HARRIS, Lee Eli - Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol
    • KHAN, Sadiq Aman - Labour Party
    • LOVE, Ankit - One Love Party*
    • PIDGEON, Caroline Valerie - London Liberal Democrats
    • WALKER, Sophie - Women's Equality Party
    • WHITTLE, Peter Robin - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
    • ZYLINSKI, Prince - Independent*

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