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    Middlesex students lead project to solve the London housing crisis


    Student Anya Walsh led an intensive six-week design project with 11 students to tackle the housing crisis which culminated in a Housing Village Exhibition at Middlesex University this week showcasing a selection of innovative ideas.

    Anya co-ordinated this innovative project after being involved in Middlesex University Students’ Union's housing campaign:

    "I had seen the housing testimonials that Middlesex University Students’ Union had collected from students but I wanted to get Art and Design students involved in the campaign.

    "This exhibition was created to inspire the public to fight against the housing crisis and encourage the audience to register to vote.”

    Students use their innovative design skillsAt the exhibition, the judging panel awarded two winners of the Housing Village project based on their innovative designs and how it represents the housing crisis. The winners of the project had created a life-sized game based on all of the boroughs in London for the audience to learn about the housing crisis from the informative questions and answers.

    The exhibition was attended by Cllr Sury Khatri, Dean and Deputy Dean of Art and Design at Middlesex University and a number of community activists and organisers including Our West Hendon, Barnet Momentum, and Radical Housing Network.

    Middlesex University Students’ Union have been working in partnership with Citizens UK throughout this year on the housing campaign in order to collaboratively recruit 6500 London residents to attend the Mayoral Accountability Assembly on 28 April at the Copper Box to pledge three proposals to London's prospective Mayoral candidates.

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