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    Middlesex students visit the EU Commission

    A group of 2nd year BA Interpreting and Translation students, accompanied by Edgar Schroder, Director of Interpreting and Translation programmes, and Dr Abele Longo, MA Translation Programme Leader, visited the European Commission in Brussels, between 25 and 28 May 2016

    As a multilingual organisation communicating in 24 official languages, the various EU institutions and bodies require an enormous amount of interpreting and translation work to support and strengthen multilingual communication within the EU (and with the outside world).

    EU institutions are therefore one of the world’s largest employers of interpreters and translators, and the various language transfer activities necessary to ensure effective multilingual communication have become an important field of research.

    Obtaining more insight into the work of the EU’s interpreting and translation services and relevant training as well as career opportunities were reasons enough for Middlesex University’s Interpreting and Translation Student Society to suggest and, together with academic staff, organise a three-day study visit to Brussels.

    The participants found the three-day visit very useful and exciting. One of the real highlights of the visit was the opportunity to practise in the interpreting booths at the European Commission’s open day.

    The participants are very grateful to their hosts at DG Interpretation and DG Translation for making the study visit such a valuable experience, and to Middlesex University Students’ Union, the University’s Exchanges Office and the Head of the University’s Education department for the support and funding provided.

    Finally, it is very pleasing to note that the trip has already turned out as particularly successful for one of the students in the group, who has just been offered a five-month traineeship in the Language Service of the General Secretariat of the Council of the EU. She will be back in Brussels by the end of the summer.

    A full version of this article with further pictures can be found here.

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