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Are you feeling stressed?

Struggling with stress?

Coming to university can be an exciting and rewarding time. It is also a time of change which can be stressful, and a range of difficulties and dilemmas may arise that can affect your life and studies. Talking to a trained professional can help.

The Counselling & Mental Health team provide mental wellbeing support and a confidential individual counselling service to help you manage any challenges affecting you emotionally or psychologically that you might face while you study with us.

The Counselling & Mental Health team is made up of counsellors and psychological therapists.

They offer:

  • One-to-one counselling/psychological therapy
  • Mental health support and casework
  • Same-day 'drop-in' sessions
  • Group workshops, addressing such issues as starting university, dealing with stress, and learning support (including handling study blocks and assessment stress)
  • Referral to other services where appropriate

The latest report in The Guardian reveals that 'The number of students seeking help for mental health related difficulties is rising. Ruth Caleb, head of counselling at Brunel University, has said that there has been an “enormous growth in students requiring their services. And universities have echoed this statement' (Guardian, 06/04/2016)

Did you know that Wellbeing Services are running a number of Psycho-educational groups throughout April. Come along to these interactive workshops (and feel free to bring a friend.)

To find out about the wider support available, please click here.

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