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    More exciting campaigns created by students now live on MDXCrowdfund

    See the latest ideas from students in MDXCrowdfund which need your support.

    Aphrodite's Fury (Children's Book)

    Rosina Georgiou is a MA Creative Writing student and she is seeking to raise funds to publish a children’s book titled ‘Aphrodite’s Fury’.


    Aphrodite’s Fury is a new fairy-tale for children of the 21st century. The main thrust of the narrative is a rewriting of Sleeping Beauty but instead of fairy-godmothers, the princess has Greek goddesses for guardians. The story follows a similar trajectory in that Xara pricks her finger and becomes cursed as a result. But this time the princess is the hero. She is the one who breaks the curse.

    The story is aimed at children of all ages. Children aged 7+ could enjoy the story independently but younger readers may want to enjoy the book with an adult who could read it to them.

    Click here for more information and to pledge

    Deadline Thursday 19 April



    Thomas and his team are a group of 3rd Television Production students here at Middlesex seeking to raise funds to support the production of their film, ‘Fluffypunk’.

    The film is an observational documentary and arts film about Jonny Fluffypunk, a character invented by Jon Seagrave a comic poet and published author.

    Jon's act deals with the human condition, social awkwardness and the effects of modern life all done with a self-deprecating wit and intelligence.

    In Jon’s words: ''Jonny Fluffypunk is a stupid name but it does sum up the ongoing dichotomy. On the one hand I'm still carrying the tattered black flag of anarchy and in the other, a bag of unsalted rice cakes and a Tibetan goats skin wind chime, so I have settled for the middle path of a sustainable nihilist.''

    Click here for more information and to pledge

    Deadline Friday 20 April

    Conformity Magazine

    Conformity Magazine is a non-profit magazine created by BA Advertising, PR and Media student Khaleel Johnson and his friends. His aim is to support young queer, trans and intersex creatives of colour and societal anomalies by creating a space to explore for them through his print magazine. In order to do so, he needs funding to produce the magazine himself as he wishes to maintain editorial and photographic control to ensure that the publication really resonates with those it seeks to reach.

    Click here for more information and to pledge

    Deadline Tuesday 1st May

    If you want more information, or if you have an idea and are looking for funding, contact MDXCrowdfund

    MDXCrowdfund Finished Fundraisers

    Successful - So Others May Live

    Thanks to your efforts, Beatriz has achieved her target and can fund her project. Find out more about So Others May Live

    Beatriz is a BA Film student seeking to raise funds to create a short film about the 751 Squadron from the Portuguese Air Force.avatar

    Working in an Air Force Squadron cannot possibly be easy. This is the story of the men from 751 SQN who live under the motto “So Others May Live”.

    These selfless and bold human beings are part of this Search and Rescue team, which saves hundreds of people every year.

    Having the second biggest Search and Rescue Area in the world, 751 SQN is responsible for everyone that might need help – on the sea or on land.

    So Others May Live is an inspiring promotional film about great humans that repeatedly put themselves in danger to save others.

    Successful - Too Far Gone


    Thanks to your efforts, Javincia and her team have achieved their target and can fund her project. Find out more about Too Far Gone

    Javincia is a 3rd year BA Film student seeking to raise funds along with her team (also 3rd year BA Film students) to fund their final year project – a short film entitled ‘Too Far Gone’

    It follows the journey of a young man named Lucas who despite living a broadly good life, ends up in hell due to some impulsive decisions whilst on earth.

    Throughout history people have always wondered what happens after death – is there a Heaven, a Hell and ‘In Between’, or do we simply cease to exist? What makes our film different is that while it is set in the ‘In Between’ or ‘purgatory’, its primary focus will actually be the importance of living the right way and making morally sound decisions whilst here on earth. At its heart, it is a story about emotions and not being consumed by them as this can cause us to lose perspective of what is right or wrong and drive urges that we might later regret – during life or in the afterlife, if there is one.

    Somos a Familia


    Thanks to your efforts, Somos a Familla has been successfully funded. Find out more about Somos a Familla

    SAF (Somos a Familia) was originally founded in 2015 by a group of friends from the same area. Sharing the same passion for music and same African roots, they came together to create an incredibly rich and distinct sound now to be heard across Europe and the world.

    Our goal is to tell the compelling story of how they grew up and created a collective that inspires millions of followers around the world from nothing. With their combined views on social media being 8x the population of their home country Portugal we will portray their journey from humble beginnings, looking into the future.

    Women Together


    Thanks to your efforts, Maria Olson and her team are a group of 2nd year BA Music Business and Arts Management students have funded a charity music event in Euston titled #WomenTogether. Find out more about Women Together.

    The event seeks to celebrate all women and raise money to support a charity called “Hollaback!” which is a globally recognised, people-powered movement seeking to end female harassment.

    The event will be hosted on Tuesday 20th of March at Simmons bar in Euston (London), which you can take a look at here! The charity we hope to support on the night is "Hollaback!", a global, people-powered movement looking to end harassment. We have chosen them as we feel they share our goals towards supporting women.

    With musicians and speakers taking part in #WomenTogether, we hope we can provide an entertaining, empowering and fun night that seeks to support all women who have gone through harassment.

    Lifting Spirits


    Thanks to your efforts, Sandra and Zack were able to successfully fund their project Lifting Spirits. Find out more about Lifting Spirits here.

    Sandra and her co-writer Zack are both 3rd year BA Film students seeking to crowdfund for their final year project titled Lifting Spirits which is a short film that focuses on the struggles of coping with grief, letting go and moving on and tells the story of a young man named Felix who has the ability to see spirits. Lifting Spirits is a short film that tells the story of Felix, a young man with the ability to see spirits.

    At its heart, it is a story about coping with grief, letting go and moving on. We have put a lot of focus on family relationships in our film, enabling us to take our production beyond the realms of the supernatural and provide an accurate portrayal of grief, its impact on family dynamics and how people eventually move on from it.

    Get Plugged!

    Thanks to your donations, Gabriella Lafor has successfully funded a pilot episode of her morning entertainment show ‘Get Plugged’ which seeks toavatar

    showcase and debate UK music culture.

    Get Plugged! is a morning entertainment show that will take place weekly and provide a platform for discussion and debate of UK music culture as it grows and flourishes. Its primary focus will be R&B, soul/neo-soul, UK rap, grime, hip hop, Afrobeats and dance/alternative music and given that strong visual content plays a big role in successfully making it in today's music industry, the production will revolve around the showcase of recent music videos. It will also be hosted by highly regarded radio presenters and public figures from the underground music scene.

    Mind the Gap


    Thanks to your efforts, Bruno and his team have funded their final year project titled ‘Mind the Gap’ which is a comedy drama based on a writer who’s failure to publish his work leads him on a journey passed his final destination. Find out more about 'Mind the Gap'

    After multiple setbacks in life, his mind spirals with dark thoughts. After a life changing accident, he steps into a positive light and opens a new, positive chapter in his life. After finding friendship in an outgoing woman, Penny, they draw on inspiration from the commuting people of London, to rewrite their lives into a best seller.

    Ground Sessions


    Wilmer Stridsberg, Caroline Poulsen and Micah Sardinha, three BA Music Business Management students are working towards establishing a new brand called Grounds Sessions, an interesting new business concept  designed to showcases acoustic artists while helping local charity in the process.

    Based in north London, Grounds Sessions is a non-profit organisation that was created with the intention of organising charity pop-up gigs at independent coffee shops. Our mission is to create a vibrant community where people can enjoy free acoustic music whilst helping to raise money for a good cause. The Grounds Sessions concept will also work as a platform for showcasing new talent and help to promote independent coffee shops to new customers.

    Click here for more information and to pledge

    Deadline Friday 30 March

    Life Gnomemore


    Chineze van der Vos and his crew are second year BA Film students seeking to raise funds to create their final project of the year titled ‘LifeGnomemore’, a short comedy film which follows the adventures of a boy named Toby struggling to repent for his sins and earn a way to heaven.

    Toby wakes in a waiting room surrounded by various fatally injured people. He has a numbered ticket in his hand. He converses with the man next to him (who has a knife sticking out of his chest). He is called into the table of Ms. Reaper, who informs him his surplus of sins means he can either wait it out (1000 years), to get to heaven - or return and absolve a sin.

    Click here for more information and to pledge

    Deadline Saturday 31 March

    Canned Tunes Presents: NOISE EATER


    Max is a 3rd year Music Business and Arts Management student looking to raise funding for his non-profit event management organisation, Canned Tunes, which aims to raise support for food banks and social causes at charity gigs in Brighton and Watford.

    'Canned Tunes Presents: NOISE EATER’ operates a simple concept of ‘food-for-entry’. For both events, we will be encouraging everyone to bring three cans (non-perishable food) / toiletry donations on the night (which will be donated straight to BFB/WFB) to gain entry to the event.  We will also be accepting £3 on the door for those who don’t bring food, in order to make this event accessible to everyone.

    Click here for more information and to pledge

    Deadline Saturday 31 March

    If you want more information, or if you have an idea and are looking for funding, contact MDXCrowdfund

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