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    #TeamMDX Students get Entrepreneurial at F Factor Event


    On the 4th of December, our Events Reporter Callum Tyndall attended an event titled the F-Factor. Held  for second-year students and post-graduates, the F Factor aims to show the benefits and opportunities available with this type of entrepreneurial programme.

    The event started with a talk from Jack, founder of the robotic start-up company ‘HausBots', a pioneering start up painting company who specialise in construction robotics and general household automation. Jack was also the winner of F-Factors nationwide Entrepreneur award in 2017. The company has now been in business for 8 months after gaining more capital. Amazingly their products are made from near entirely cornstarch PLA, a renewable and biodegradable plastic. Loved this concern for sustainable environmentally friendly products.

    F-Factor’s aim to is to build a world-class pool of diverse and exceptional entrepreneurial talent, who will build tomorrow’s high impact sustainable start-ups.  This is done by building a suite of programmes and events to support aspiring entrepreneurs in every step of their journey to become tech-founders. Conducting a yearly start-up competition for young entrepreneurs under 25, running innovation workshops and hackathons.

    2017 winner Jack speaks highly of his experience in the competition. He told me: “Life-changing would be an understatement”.

    Providing advice for other young entrepreneurs, he further added, ‘Start something, start anything. If you're not embarrassed by the first version, you're doing it wrong”.

    An interview with Jack – Managing Director of ‘HausBots'

    What has been your biggest obstacle?

    ‘Biggest challenge, other than sorting capital. Is hiring employees. There is so much diverse talent available but only 4% of graduates are women engineers, and even after graduation most don't go into that industry, as they go into other alternative careers'.

    -Any advice for anyone thinking about this work?

    ‘Once you've set yourself a goal, you'll sacrifice whatever it takes'.

    Do you worry about repercussions from automotive construction job losses?

    ‘It just has to be done. The problem of workers getting injured from falling whilst painting is a huge issue. Hopefully, we won't replace the industry but can manage and keep jobs whilst even creating new ones at the same time!'

    If you want to find out more about being involved in the competition for MDX, contact Chris @ c.moon@mdx.ac.uk before January.

    To come to the next talk, meet in C105 at 5:30 on Thursday 13th December.

    Find out more about the F Factor!

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