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    Middlesex Men’s Rugby and Women’s Hockey teams record phenomenal league wins

    This week, MDX teams played a home rugby game necessary to win the league and an away hockey match needed to qualify for a final league match

    MDX Women's hockey teamWomen's Hockey

    This week our Women's Hockey team played away against Royal Veterinary College 3rd team. The team have had a tough year with players having lessons on Wednesdays and Captain Laura Singlton only just managed to get the bare 8 players out, with no substitutes. But the enthusiastic team gave an incredible game, they kept their defence strong and their attack determined and goalie Zooey Perry demonstrated some impressive saves. The team walked away with and 8-1 win, and are ready for their final league game next week, home against reading.

    Men's Rugby

    This week saw Middlesex Men's final game of the league, and what a season they've had! After winning the Plate last week, this game determined whether they would win the double, completely undefeated. The team played home against Kingston, a well-matched opponent, who we only defeated by 3 points last time we played them in the Plate. Kingston kept a tight defence and held our team off through most of the first half. Their defence was resilient and kept us off the try line for majority of the first half, although they struggled to push us down the pitch. After half an hour and several attempts, the team finally managed to break through and Andy Albalous scored our team’s first try of the game, which was shortly followed with a second by Matt Blakes, before the first half came to a close.

    The close team worked tirelessly throughout the second half, not to concede and succeeded. They won the match 13-0, a phenomenal way to finish the league undefeated and bring back the double.MDX Men's Rugby Team

    Next week

    Next week we look forward to more big games. We have our Men's basketball playing in Big Wednesday, away against Nottingham Trent for the Cup. The basketball team have also not dropped a single game this year and a friendly in house rivalry has sparked between them and the Men's Rugby team. Winning this will also give them a 100% win streak and the double! The sports department will be providing transport for spectators on a first come first serve basis. Please enquire at the office for more information.MDX Women's Basketball Team

    Another team playing their Cup final next week are our Men's Table Tennis team. They have a tough match against Essex, who they only defeated by 1 point previously. The fixture will be held in Surrey and again, the department would like to arrange transport for spectators. Please come to the office, downstairs in MDX House for more information.

    Men's Volleyball will play their final league game against Kings College, who are sat in second place. This match is vital to retain their first place position. Our Women's Basketball team have an important game against Brighton which determines their league for next year, and Women's Hockey are hopeful for another victory in their game against reading.

    We would like to wish every team the very best of luck and we continue to encourage all students and staff to come and support our Middlesex teams.

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