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    Earlier this year, the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA) teamed up with Middlesex University’s employability to team to develop a new scheme to help promote student employability skills, and to give students the opportunity to get creative, talking on camera about our collections.  The three successful students were then given time at MoDA to research their chosen object, before writing a storyboard for their video, helping to develop their critical thinking skills. They then came back to film the videos, both at MoDA, and at a local supermarket! Students were paid for the project, and for some this was their first experience of employment.

    BA Fashion Design student Teodora Mitrovska’s video explored a 1930s women’s advice book entitled ‘The Modern Women’ by Lillian Bradstock and Jane Condon. Inspired by modern YouTube make-up tutorial videos, Teodora experimented with some of the tips given in the book, and reflected on some of the more unusual chapters, like ‘How to use the Bathroom Intelligently’.

    BA Illustration student Sarah Kadrnka looked at two designs by Winifred Mold, the first female designer to be employed by the Silver Studio in 1912. Sarah used her own experience as an Illustration student to reflect upon Mold’s artistic style and use of colour, as well as exploring the working lives of women artists in the 1910's.

    Finally BA Illustration student Sofia Picciuto also looked at two designs by Winifred Mold, but instead explored the stories that can be creatively imagined from these images. She compared the Old King Cole illustration with a design depicting medieval hunters. She associated the latter design with her own love of 1980's video games, recognising stylistic similarities.

    This was a very successful pilot scheme that we hope to run again in the future.

    The three video can be watched here:

    Read MoDA’s blogpost about the project:

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