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Students given top fundraising tips at MDXCrowdfund Workshop

Middlesex University’s crowdfunding platform, for students and staff, hosted a workshop to help students learn how to raise money through crowdfunding and fund their passion projects

MDX CrowfundThe workshop offered an opportunity to gain advice on how to create a compelling crowdfunding campaign and promote it effectively to potential donors. Crowdfunding can be used to raise money for a wide variety of projects – from creative projects, business start-ups and events, to university clubs, research projects, personal challenges and more. It is the practice of harnessing the power of ‘the crowd’ by getting many people to donate small amounts.

Students, who joined the workshop, had the chance to share their own campaigns, gain feedback, and brainstorm ideas for possible crowdfunding projects yet to go live.

During the session, second year Law student Benazir Kassam shared her excellent initiative for the Rahul Kotak Foundation (‘RKF’), a Kenyan-based, not-for-profit foundation she helped create. Its purpose is to give back to children in the local community who live in abject poverty.

The Foundation has already received significant attention and thanks to its collaboration with Community Health Support (‘COHESU’), a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organisation, globally renowned footwear brand TOMS has provided free shoes to children in schools within Kisumu, Kenya.

Commenting on the workshop, Benazir said: “The workshop really fuelled my motivation for future projects. I am truly grateful for the incredible support I received from The MDXCrowdfund team. They helped me to re-evaluate some of our crowdfunding plans and gave advice on marketing techniques to help promote the foundation further and secure more funds.”

Khaleel Johnson, a nascent entrepreneur and Middlesex student working towards starting an online magazine specifically targeted at the young LGBT community, expressed his interest in crowdfunding after attending the workshop. He said:

“What I received was incredible support, belief and genuine advice from the MDXCrowdfund team on the various techniques I could implement in order to gain funding for my magazine” .

Also interested in Crowdfunding was Carla Fargher, an Interpreting and Translation student at Middlesex, who is working on an idea of a community coffee shop that brings a community together to share skills and interests. She said:

“What I found most interesting is that it is a great form of advertising and way of sharing your business idea with an array of people. If people are willing to give you money it means they also share your passion and best of all, believe in your potential and ability to make it happen - giving you more of a push and motivation to reach you goal.”

If you have an idea or project requiring funding, why not email the MDXCrowdfund Team to learn to learn more about MDXCrowdfund.

Also, register to attend our next crowdfunding workshop, taking place on 2 February, 2018 at the College Building (Room CG83) by 2pm prompt.

To find out more about the fantastic work done by Benazir and her team or to support them, click here.  For those of you intrigued with Khaleel and Carla’s business ideas, watch this space on MDXCrowdfund!

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