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    Students learn about the therapeutic use of animals

    MDX staff and students learn about the positive impact of animals on health and wellbeing

    Due to popular demand the Therapeutic Use of Animals event comes to Middlesex once again, following on from the success of the last year's event.

    On the 20th February, representatives from organisations such as Guide Dogs For The Blind, Hearing Dogs For The Deaf, Canine Partners and Pets As Therapy appeared in the Quad, sharing their experiences with students and staff.

    “The aim is to share information and knowledge with students about the use of animals in human lives, through working with and for them, supporting daily living, having a positive impact on health and wellbeing and also through providing companionship.” said Jenny Phillips, Child Health Nursing Lecturer.

    The event included police dog Ernie, whose handler explained that the Ernie is used to remove any weapons such as guns and knives in order to create a safer environment.

    Police horses Q and London who live in stables in West Hampstead made an appearance. “I love being a mounted officer: they’re your teammates” said PC Sue McCullagh, on horse London.

    Senior Nursing Lecturer Fiona Suthers mentioned the fact how the five dogs at MDX used as canine teaching assistants play an important role at the university. The dogs are used in a range of settings such as classrooms and larger events, where students can interact with them to reduce anxiety and increase focus towards their studies.

    Students found the use of our canine teaching assistants extremely useful. Some students said they 'made me feel connect to home again and reminded me of my own dog at home with my family' and others said 'I felt so much more calmer after stroking her during the break'.

    If you want to meet the Canine Teaching Assistants you can see them every Monday between 10.30am and 12pm at the Wellbeing Services Centre at Sunny Hill House.

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