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Borrowing, Renewing and Returning


On-campus Library Services

You are automatically registered as a member of the Library within 24 hours of enrolling and will receive a student ID card; please keep this safe.

Your student ID card is also your library card and allows you to borrow laptops, books, renew items and to check your library account.

Please note: You will need your ID card to access the Sheppard Library.

You can check your library account using Library Search.For full details please see our Library Search Guide

Students that are registered with the Disability and Dyslexia service will have additional help and extra resources. Please see the following webpage for details: Library support for disabled students

  • Borrowing items

Please refer to the borrowing limits table below for the maximum number of items you can borrow.

Borrowing entitlements

Here are the maximum number of items you can borrow:

Main library

Media equipment














Accessing Reference Materials

Some library material is available for reference use only in the library, and these items are clearly marked. Library material marked ‘reference use only’ may not be borrowed.

Searching for and Requesting library materials

  • You can search for and request materials using Library Search
  • You may request up to five items at a time (up to ten items for DDS Students)
  • Requested Library items can be collected from the ground floor, Sheppard Library, anytime during opening hours.

Assistive Technology Equipment

Assistive Technology Equipment can be loaned for 3 hours. These are available on request from UniHelp in the Sheppard Library and can only be used within the library. This equipment must be wiped down after each use with anti-bacterial wipes; this is to ensure it is ready for the next user.

Please note: these items may not be removed from the Library. For a complete list, please see Practical help and equipment in the Library Support for Disabled Students section.

Library support for disabled students

  • Renewing items

Renewable books will automatically be renewed for a maximum period of 52 weeks.

However there are some exceptions to this, please see below:

  • the item has been requested by another student
  • you owe £20 or more in charges
  • the item has been on loan for more than 52 weeks
  • your library account has expired or is about to expire
  • the item is not a renewable type (i.e. loan period shorter than 7 days

If the reason for non- renewal is resolved i.e. charges have been paid, then you will need to manually renew all items on your account. Please see the following instructions to help you:

  • Go to Library Search via MyUnihub>Your Study>Library and IT Support
  • Under Study and Research Resources, select Library Search and Sign in.
  • Click on Library Account on the top toolbar.
  • Choose Loans on the toolbar under My Library Account.

You will then see a list of the items you have out on loan:

Library Account screenshot

Students that are registered with the Disability and Dyslexia service will have additional help and extra resources. Please see the following webpage for details: Library support for disabled students

  • Returning Items

Books can be returned by using the external book returns slot outside the Sheppard Library; the returns slot is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Items believed returned

If an item or items is appearing as ‘on loan’ on your account, but you believe you may have returned it please contact the library as soon as possible via UniHelp We will then follow the process opposite:

  • The item(s) will be searched for three times in the library, during this period the item(s) will appear on your library account as 'Claimed Returned'.
  • Items found will be checked in and no further action is necessary.
  • Items not found will be marked as lost and you will be charged the replacement cost of the item and overdue fines.
  • Until any lost items are either paid in full or returned you will not be able to borrow or renew any other items.
  • A letter will be sent informing you that this is the case

If you find and return the book, only the overdue charges will apply, so please return any items before paying any charges.

  • Library Charges

If you follow the guidelines and take care to return items promptly, you can enjoy a totally free library service. Books and other resources on your library account will automatically renew but if another student reserves an item then these must be returned. Laptops will still have an overdue charge if they are returned late.

Requested Items

If a book is requested, you will be sent a notice to your University email address, if it is not returned within 14 days of the notice you will be invoiced for the replacement cost which will remain on your account until paid, unless you are able to provide medical or other evidence as appropriate.

Lost, unreturned or damaged items

Lost, unreturned or damaged items have a minimum replacement cost of £30 per item.

Account Blocks

Library accounts that have charges over £20 automatically place a block which will prevent other items being checked out (including laptops) and items already on the account will not automatically renew. Email reminders will be sent to your Middlesex student account to advise you.

Making payments

Library charge payments can be made by credit/debit card; please visit the Online Storehere.

Library charges are payable for the replacement cost/s of lost or damaged library items (including laptops). Library charge payments can be made online by credit/debit card; this can be done via the MDX Online Store. Alternatively, please contact UniHelp. If you have any problems concerning payments you can also contact the library team via UniHelp.

Please regularly check your @live.mdx.ac.uk student email account for messages about items you have on loan, charges you may have outstanding or updates on requested items.

Laptop loan charges

The charges for overdue laptops issued from the laptop cabinets are: 50 pence per hour, up to a maximum of £50.

Thereafter, laptops are considered ‘lost’ if still not returned and the borrower is billed for the full cost of replacement (which is currently around £698.00).

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