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Using the library

By using Sheppard Library you agree to abide by the Student Conduct and Discipline Rules; these can be viewed here.

ID card access to the Sheppard Library

You must have your Middlesex Student ID card with you to access the Sheppard Library and to take out books and other loan items.

If you forget your ID, two free day passes are allowed per Academic year.
Third day passes cost £10 and this charge is added to your library account. No fourth day passes can be given. Please note that Day Passes are also required for weekends.

SCONUL Access Scheme

Middlesex University is part of the Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) Access Scheme.

SCONUL users can use the library by bringing their home institution ID and SCONUL confirmation email and need to sign in at reception on arrival.

Please click here for more information about SCONUL user access to Sheppard Library

Lost cards

Lost ID cards should be reported immediately to the Security Office in the Quad, College Building.

To purchase a new replacement card:

  • Log into the online store: www.onlinestore.mdx.ac.uk, select the following
  • Product Catalogue > Estates >  Facilities > Security > Replacement ID Card and follow instructions.
  • Once payment has been processed, take the payment reference number to the Security Office in the Quad.
    Please note refunds are not available if original card is found.


Studying in the Sheppard Library

Study spaces are available on all floors, but please be aware that the second and third floors of the library are for silent, individual study only.

We want every student to get the most of their studying and so we ask everyone to adhere to the following:

  • Remember our staff are here to help you –they will treat you with courtesy and respect- please do the same in return
  • Hot food is not allowed in the Sheppard Library at any time, but you are welcome to bring in cold food and drink (apart from the silent study areas, which are drinks only )
  • Please set your Mobile Phone to silent in the silent study areas

If you need help or experience any issues regarding excessive noise or behaviour please text  07785 447466  and a member of library staff will assist you.

Online Classes

Headphones are required when attending online classes in the library study spaces.

Please note that the 2nd and 3rd-floor silent study area cannot be used for online classes.

Children on premises

Children are only allowed into Sheppard Library with a responsible adult and should be closely supervised at all times whilst on University premises.

If you are a parent or carer and need to bring your child with you, you will need to sign in at library reception where you will be given a purple lanyard for your child to wear. Library staff will then know that the child is authorised to be in the library and is accompanied by a parent or carer.

Library and IT Policy

All users of the Library must observe the rules set out in the Library and IT Policy.

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