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    Using the library

    Access to the Sheppard Library

    You must have your Middlesex ID card with you in order to access the Sheppard Library. If you forget or lose your card you will be allowed a free day pass on two occasions. On the third occasion, you must either purchase a third day pass or a replacement card from the online store.  Either of these costs £10.00.  No fourth day pass will be issued.

    To purchase a new replacement card:

    • Log into the online store:, select “Product Catalogue”,  "Estates and Facilities", then “Security” and "Replacement ID Card" and follow instructions.
    • Once payment has been processed, take the payment reference number to the Security Office in the Quad to have new card printed.

    NB: No refunds are available for cards found after purchase of replacement card. Original cards are made void when a replacement card is issued.


    The Library is divided into two types of study environment:

    Group Study – This is designed for group working, though please be aware of your noise level and how this may affect other users. This space is in high demand and should be used for studying rather than socialising. You are welcome to eat and drink here but hot food is not allowed. If you need to move equipment, please ensure it is returned to its original position when you have finished.

    Silent Study – This is designed for individual silent study. This space should be used by those who want to work alone and is not for collaborative study. Phones should be turned off or switched to silent. Please be aware that you cannot take food into the silent study areas but you are welcome to bring drinks.

    If you are having any issues with the noise or behaviour of other users or if you need help please text the phone number listed around the library and someone will come to assist you as soon as possible.

    Bookable Group Study – The Library has a number of group study spaces that you and your classmates can reserve for study. To book a group study space, please go to:
    Library bookable group study spaces

    PC availability – If you're looking for a PC in the Sheppard Library, have a look on our online PC availability programme.

    Library and IT Policy – all users of the Library must observe the rules set out in the Library and IT Policy

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