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Visiting other libraries

SCONUL Access – You may need to use other libraries if your research is very specialised. Academic staff and all students except full time undergraduates can have borrowing rights at virtually every other academic library in the UK through SCONUL Access. Always check the webpages of the library you intend to visit to ensure they will be open.

Library Hub Discover -  This finds rare and unique research material by bringing together the catalogues of major UK and Irish libraries. In a single search you can discover the resources at University Libraries, specialist research libraries and the UK’s National Libraries (including the British Library. You can search just libraries in London to find resources near you.

British Library - The British Library's collection of over 150 million items covers every age and place of written civilisation, from unique historical documents to the latest information sources for business, industry and research. Visit the website for full details about access and information on the collections.

Local Libraries – Hendon Public Library is minutes away from our campus and has a fully searchable catalogue including some interesting e-resources.

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