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    Frequently asked questions

    Print facilities are available in all buildings across Campus.   However, not all buildings open and close at the same time and during term time, the Sheppard Library is open 24/7.   Whilst this gives you flexible options for study space, it does mean that staff are not always on hand to give assistance and so listed below are a variety of  'frequently asked questions' which may give you guidance until further help is at hand.

    • Printing FAQ

      • Can I send a document to print before I come onto the campus?

        Yes, there are two ways to do this:

        1) Send an email to: along with the attachment you'd like to print.
        The maximum attachment size is 25mb.

        2) Open up a browser and go to UniPrint (see above).  Log in using your IT user ID and password. You can configure how you would like your work to appear before submitting to print.  The attachment limit is 128mb.

      • Once I have sent my work to print how long will it stay on the University system?

        Your work will stay on the system for 12 hours.

      • I have forgotten my student card – can I still print/copy/scan?

        Yes, press the "AD log in" button and tap in your User ID and Password details via the keyboard as you did when registering your card with the printers for the first time.

      • I want to print directly from my USB but my Word document will not print – why?

        Only JPEGs, PDFs and TIFFs can be printed directly from USB.  Microsoft applications are not compatible with this service however, you can save your document as a PDF file.

        If you need help or support please see an IT Support Specialist on the 1st floor of the Sheppard Library or book an appointment via myUnihub.

      • Can I send work to an alternative email address – i.e. my Hotmail account?

        No, as the machine knows you have logged on, simply pressing 'My Scan' will direct your document to your University e-mail.

      • I tried to register my card with the machine but it logs me in as someone else – what can I do?

        It is possible that your ID card features a duplicate chip.  Visit the Security Office in the Quad, explain the problem and you will be issued with a new ID card.

      • I have sent my work to print but it is not showing at the printer - what can I do?

        There are three possible reasons:

        1. The default print queue is StudentPrint-PC and StudentPrint-Mac and all PC's and Mac's should automatically default to these settings.  If for any reason it has defaulted to an alternative setting, please click on the arrow to the right of the box and scroll down to find the correct print queue.
        2. Have you logged onto the PC or Mac with your User ID?  If a student using the computer before you did not log out, your print jobs will be showing on the students account.   On a PC, click the start button on the bottom left of the screen to check the log in name is yours – on a Mac, click on the apple icon top left and scroll down to the Log Out line to check the name.
        3. Have you logged into the printer using your own ID Card?

          At the device, always ensure that you see the blue log in screen which asks you to identify yourself with your own ID Card.

        If you need help or support please see an IT Support Specialist on the 1st floor of the Sheppard Library or book an appointment via myUnihub.

      • My job will not print and it is a standard A4 document

        Check the paper size at the PC in page set up.  If the person using the computer before you has changed the paper size it is likely that it has held onto the new setting.

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