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Frequently asked questions

  • Private rented Accomodation

    • I would like to get a refund of my accommodation deposit.

      If you have paid a £300 advanced rent payment and require a refund, please fill out the refund form that can be found on   myUnihub website and submit it as a Unihelp Ticket to the Finance Team who will be able to refund it within 28 working days.

      0208 411 6400

      For further advice, please contact  the Accommodation Team  on 0208 411 6400 or accomm@mdx.ac.uk.

      MDX Accommodation Team

      Middlesex University

      Hendon Campus, The Burroughs

      Hendon, London NW4 4BT.

    • How do I apply for a room in Halls of Residence on my 2nd or 3rd year?

      Students without any  holds on their records can use the myUniHub online application facility to submit their application and pay the £300 advanced rent payment required. You will be placed on a waiting list until the 1st year students have been offered.  If we have rooms available we will contact you in August in regards to your accommodation.

      You can contact the MDX Accommodation Team on 0208 411 6400 or accomm@mdx.ac.uk.

      MDX Accommodation Team

      Middlesex University

      Hendon Campus, The Burroughs

      Hendon, London NW4 4BT.

    • How do I get in contact with the local halls of residence offices, who do I speak to about Halls of residence issues?

      Contact details for the student halls of residence:

      Platt Hall Platt.Hall@optivo.org.uk 0203 202 0371

      Writtle House Platt.Hall@optivo.org.uk 0203 202 0371

      Usher Hall Usher.Hall@optivo.org.uk 0203 202 0395

      Ivy Hall Ivy.Hall@optivo.org.uk 0203 202 0450

      Unite Hall Olympic Way OWReception@unitestudents.com 0117 302 7453

    • How do I get information about Halls of Residence?

      Please visit our website www.mdx.ac.uk/accommodation where you will find all the information about our Hall, such as location and prices. You will also be able to see the pictures or a virtual tour of the halls.

    • Are there any halls places left? What is the outcome of my application for a place in halls? I am trying to complete an online application for halls of residence, but my application won’t go through.

      If you have any questions about your application for a place in our Halls of Residence, please contact the MDX Accommodation Team on 0208 411 6400 or accomm@mdx.ac.uk.

      MDX Accommodation Team

      Middlesex University

      Hendon Campus, The Burroughs

      Hendon, London NW4 4BT.

    • I can’t get into halls, what are my options?

      You can obtain the details of private sector accommodation registered with the Middlesex University and make contact with property owners directly by visiting our website: www.middlesexstudentpad.co.uk.

      You can also use our estate/letting agents list to make contact directly with property agents in the local area.

      Please note: The accommodation search and message board facilities on www.middlesexstudentpad.co.uk are password protected. Current and prospective Middlesex students can create an account giving details of your full name, university student number, study campus and contact telephone number. Alternatively you can request a password by telephone on: +44 (0)20 8411 6121, where you will be asked for your name, University student number and campus.

      Alternatively, students can advertise and search for spare rooms in our Middlesex Housing Hub Facebook group. This group is accessible only to current Middlesex students who are searching for private rented accommodation.

    • Who do I contact about network problems in the halls of residence and how do I get in contact with the halls of residence offices?

      The MDX Accommodation Team is based in Hendon. This office deals with any matters concerning contractual and financial obligations whilst living in a hall of residence. Any other matters should be taken up with the staff  within your Hall of Residence in the first instance.

      Contact details for the Local Hall office Office hours 9:00am – 17:00pm

      Platt Hall Platt.Hall@optivo.org.uk 0203 202 0371

      Writtle House Platt.Hall@optivo.org.uk 0203 202 0371

      Usher Hall Usher.Hall@optivo.org.uk 0203 202 0395

      Ivy Hall Ivy.Hall@optivo.org.uk 0203 202 0450

      Unite Hall Olympic Way OWReception@unitestudents.com 0117 302 7453

    • I am expecting a delivery but am unsure who to address it to as my accommodation isn’t sorted yet?

      It is highly recommended that you do not order any deliveries until you have an appropriate address or accommodation confirmed because there is a potential risk of your delivery being lost in transit. Middlesex University will not be accepting any deliveries on behalf of students.

      If you have applied to live in any of the Middlesex Halls of Residence then you can address it to the Property Manager c/o your name.

      If you are planning to live in private rented accommodation, please consider sending things to your home address or to a trusted friend. Alternatively, for smaller deliveries, you may use Amazon lockers which you can find on campus and at MyCostcutter shop by campus.

    • There is a financial hold on my account preventing me enrolling, what should I do?

      If you have an administrative hold, you will need to open a ticket via UniHelp Online - ticket

      Or visit the UniHelp desk in the Sheppard Library, Research students go to research

      If you have a financial hold, any outstanding payments must be made before you can enrol. The University has developed a secure internet payment facility where you can pay your fees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      The following charges can be paid online through the student portal; tuition fees, accommodation fees, studio levies, childcare charges, short courses and short term loan repayments.

      To use this facility simply follow the instructions below.

      • Connect to the internet and go to My UniHub
      • Log in to My UniHub.
      • Select the My Admin and Finances tab.
      • From the My Fees and Finances Portlet select ‘Make an online payment by debit or credit card'.
      • Your Account Summary page now displays your outstanding charges and if web payment is allowed.
      • In the Pay Amount Box(es) enter the amount you wish to pay. You can pay anything from 1p to the full amount outstanding.
      • Click on Continue.
      • Check that the amount you wish to pay is correct and then select Accept.
      • On the Make a Payment page enter your card details. If paying by Visa debit card please select Delta from the list of card types.
      • Click on Continue.
      • Next is the Payment Confirmation Page. Once you are happy with the details you have entered select Confirm.
      • If you are paying by MasterCard or Visa you will required to enter the additional security information you have registered for your card. If you are paying using another card type the authorisation process will commence.
      • When your payment has been authorised, the 'Payment Successful' page will be displayed. You can now print and/or email yourself a copy of your receipt.
      • Select Finish to return to UniHub. If you have an enquiry about an online payment you can contact Finance by email:

      Onlinepayments@mdx.ac.uk or by telephone on 020 8411 6400 (select option 1). Lines are open 9am to 5pm Mon - Fri or open a ticket via UniHelp Online - ticket

      The hold can take up to 48 hours to be removed from your student record / account.

    • Where can I get a council tax exemption certificate/ Letter? I need a status letter to prove I am a student at Middlesex University.

      Enrolled students can only order Council Tax letters via MyUniHub - go to MyUniHub – Your Support Services>Letters and forms.

      You can also track the progress of any requests you have made by going to My Admin & Finances > Letters and forms and click on the link ”View Status of my letter requests”.

      All full time students in private accommodation who have completed the taught element of their studies, deferred exams, coursework or dissertations are liable to pay council tax.

      Please Note: Council Tax letters cannot be claimed during deferral periods. Deferred students can only claim Council Tax if they are retaking 120 Credits. Students registered for 90 Credits are not eligible for council tax exemption unless registered as full time. (i.e have a XX progression code).

    • When do I pay? How do I pay? What do I pay?

      The University no longer accepts cash as a method of payment. Please note, that MDXSU (Student Union) and food outlets such as Circle Café and MDX House will continue to accept cash.

      Rent should be paid in two or three instalments, as detailed in your Acceptance Form, and must be paid on or before those dates.  You can pay by any of the methods below, please remember to quote your student number when making any payments.

      • Online via MyUnihub
      • Over the phone if you have a credit/debit card (we do not accept American Express Cards), by calling +44 (0) 208 411 6400
      • At your Campus Finance at Unihelp by card, cheques, bankers draft, travellers cheques (all in £ sterling).  Cheques and bankers drafts must be drawn on a UK bank account. (cheques or Bankers drafts can be sent to the following address:  Receivables Team, Financial Services, Middlesex University, Hendon Campus, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT.

      Further information may be found in our Fees and Payments Welfare Advice Guide.

    • Can I pay monthly? Who do I speak to if I am having problems paying my rent?

      We do not offer monthly payment plans and students are advised to pay termly on the dates stated on their Acceptance form (contract)

      It is very important that you make your payments by the agreed due dates.  Failure to do so will result in loss of access to the University facilities. If you are having problems you should contact the Finance team by phone on +44 (0)208 411 6400 and select Option 2 or by emailing Stufees@mdx.ac.uk

    • Can I park at halls?

      Parking is only available at each hall of residence (Except Unite) for those with medical conditions or other extenuating circumstances. Please contact the Accommodation Team if you have a specific request and this will be assessed.

    • Can my family/friends stay in a hall/my room when they come and visit?

      Your family/friends can’t have a room allocated to them to stay with you in halls.  However, you are allowed to have a guest stay one night in the week and one night on the weekend.  If you would like a guest to stay longer, you must go to your Hall Office to fill out an extended stay form.  Please remember, you are responsible by your guest and must be with them at all times.

    • TV Licence

      If you live in halls of residence and use a device (desktop,laptop,tablet, mobile phone etc.) to watch/record TV in your own room, you need your own separate TV licence.  A licence is needed if you are watching or recording television programmes at the same time as they are being shown on TV.  This is true no matter what device you’re watching on and no matter how you’re receiving the programmes (including terrestrial, satellite, cable or digital television channels).

      For further information and to buy a TV licence, visit http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one/for-your-home/students-aud1?WT.mc_id=r044&x=0 or call TV licensing on 0300 555 0286

      Anyone without a valid TV licence, visit the TV Licensing for Students website or call TV licensing on 0300 555 0286.

    • BSc Veterinary Nursing Degree Accommodation Questions
      1. Please apply online for the 40 week contract September – June and pay the deposit.  You can then email accomm@mdx.ac.uk or call 020 8411 6121 to arrange a 1 semester contract for the period of September – January.  If you wish to do your placement in London you will be able to keep the 40 week contract.  Any changes will need to be discussed with the accommodation team.
      2. If students need accommodation over the summer period, we have availability in our Ivy hall in either an Ensuite room or Standard room. Please contact the accommodation team by email accomm@mdx.ac.uk or call on 020 8411 6121.

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