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    Hendon ‘Knit and Natter’ group moves into new home at Middlesex University London campus


    A Hendon-based community knitting group has been given a temporary new home at Middlesex University London while their permanent home, Hendon library, is undergoing refurbishment.

    The group of ladies – who have been knitting and nattering together for ten years – were welcomed onto the university campus by fashion textile students who are keen to learn all about traditional knitting and crocheting techniques from their new guests.

    Anthony Campbell, Fashion Lecturer at Middlesex University London said: “At Middlesex we want to do all we can to be part of our local Hendon community, so we’re delighted to be able to offer the knitters a space. It is so important to support groups like this as they help to reduce isolation and encourage a creative exchange of ideas between the generations.”knitters

    Jackie Lai, a Mill Hill resident and Knit and Natter group leader said about the group’s new home: “This is wonderful! I love knitting, and if the group isn’t on for any reason I’m lost. There are so many lonely people out there and something like this can be a lifeline. People want someone to talk to, and they don’t have to knit, they can bring anything they want along to the group.”

    Jackie, who believes groups like Knit and Natter have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing, has founded a similar group at a local doctor’s surgery in Mill Hill.

    The group was originally set up by Age UK who approached Middlesex University to ask for a temporary home.

    The Knit and Natter group will now meet on campus every Thursday, treading the same corridors as Middlesex University fashion graduates Richard Gray, Mark Fast, Thom Murphy and Julian Seaman.

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