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Welcome to the PRSC2023 Participants' Hub! In this page you can find: the Programme of Presentations and Book of Abstracts, links to training resources, FAQs and more.

If you are presenting or chairing a session at the Summer Conference or if you are attending to hear more about postgraduate research at Middlesex, you can find out the timings and presenters in each session:

Programme of Presentations

For all PRSC2023 participants and MDX Research Students, the MDX Learning Enhancement Team will be hosting the following training sessions prior to the Conference to help participants prepare their abstracts, posters and get ready to present.
Times shown are UK time.

You might also find the following sessions useful to gain essential knowledge on participating in academic conferences:

Conferencing Part 1 - Finding your tribe and preparing an abstract - recording
Conferencing Part 2 - Preparing to present, fielding the questions - recording
Conferencing Part 3 - Turn your conference paper into a publication - recording

Presenting at the Conference

You can participate at the Postgraduate Researchers' Summer Conference as a presenter or as an attendee (with no presentation).

The following types of presentations exist in the context of the MDX Conference:

  • Individual paper - this is delivered as an oral presentation (15-20 minutes; optional visual aid) and followed by questions; participants will not submit a written paper, they will only present their work during the two days of the conference
  • Poster presentation - posters are printed in A1 size and mounted in the Quad area for the duration of the conference; instructions will be emailed to poster presenters and no oral presentation is required here
  • Self-organised symposium - these are independently organised panel discussions, introduced for the first time in 2023
  • Performance
  • Video screening with commentary - an option available to participants who might not be able to join in real time on the day of the event due to unforeseen circumstances

Poster Presentations

If you are submitting a poster, the Conference Organising Committee will arrange for it to be printed. Please note only PDF format will be accepted. You will need to follow the instructions below:

  • Label the PDF document with your name followed by PRSC2023
  • Send your poster via email to Nicola Skinner and Sofia Atsopardi by Sunday 18 June 2023

Note that posters submitted after the 18th June will not allow enough time to be printed, so you will need to provide your own printed version if you are attending.

If you wish to pay for your poster printing after this date, it is possible at the University’s CDS Print Services, Room SB05 (Sheppard Library), Hendon campus, basement floor. Please contact CDS via mdx@CDS.co.uk, phone 020 8411 5781 or at their website.

Posters detailed instructions:

  • Please submit a PDF of your poster (if you cannot convert your file to PDF, we can assist you with that, please email Sofia Atsopardi)
  • Images should be 300 dpi
  • Must be saved in size A1 (594 x 841mm / 23.4 x 33.1 inches)
  • Should include poster title – submitted abstract title
  • Should have white boarder
  • Include your name
  • Do not print white text on black backgrounds or green text on red background (and vice versa)
  • Use one of the Middlesex logos, placed at the top left hand side of the poster. Do not change the aspect ratio of the image and distort the logo. These will be emailed to you.
  • Use Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri Font. Keep your font size variations to a minimum.
  • The font must be visible from 1 metre away
  • Only one submission will be accepted

You can collect your printed poster after the close of the event on 5 July.

If you are not able to be on-campus, you can still send us your poster and we will exhibit it as part of the posters exhibition in the Conference space. Make sure you include your contact details and social media so that anyone who is interested in your work can connect with you.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be distributed into parallel sessions across the two days of the Conference (see the schedule below). There will be normally 4 speakers per session, with 20 minutes each (15-17 minutes to present 3-5 minutes for discussion). If you are presenting online, we will send you a zoom link to join at your allocated time and you can email us your presentation until Sunday 2/7/2023 so that we can support you if necessary.

If you are attending on campus, please ensure you bring your presentation with you in a memory stick.

Please note that presenting without a visual aid is also an option (you are not required to use slides).

We encourage participants to have a look at the FAQs sheet for the MDX Research Summer Festival. There you can find information about accommodation, parking and access requirements, and much more regarding the summer research events, to help you prepare.

Conference and KiA Lab FAQs

  • Abstract requirements (for reference)

Abstract requirements

You should discuss your abstract with your supervisory team before submission, and it should meet the following requirements   :

The abstract should be between 200-350 words.

The required information should contain the following sections:

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Type of contribution: (a) individual paper; (b) poster; (c) self-organised symposium; (d) performance; (e) video screening with commentary
  • Names of supervisory team
  • Degree start date
  • Stage of research (e.g. registration/stage 1 review, transferred/stage 2 review, writing up if applicable)
  • Department
  • Indicate that the abstract has been reviewed and approved by your supervisory team
  • Indicate whether you wish to participate (a) on campus or (b) virtually. We will ask you to confirm your choice closer to the date of the Conference.
  • 5 keywords/subject areas

Depending on where you are with your research, consider organising your abstract in relation to the following:

  • How your research responds to the conference theme
  • Introduction to provide a rationale for your research
  • Aim(s) of your research
  • Research methods used or planned
  • Current or expected findings and contribution

Additional information


This year researchers have the option to present their work within a self-organised symposium. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded researchers and potentially present alongside your supervisor. Please follow the below requirements if submitting a self-organised symposium:

  • Write a brief description of the panel indicating how it addresses the conference theme (the submitting authors of the same panel can share the same description);
  • List all the participants on the panel (this should be 3 or 4 presenters);
  • Declare on your submission that the form of presentation is a symposium.

Key dates

  • Workshops offering support (March, May, June)
  • Abstract Submission has now closed. Well done to everyone who participated in the process!
  • Confirmation of acceptance: May 2023
  • Conference:  4-5 July 2023

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