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Welcome to the RSSC2022 Participants' Hub! Following the Conference, this page has been updated with the prize winners information, link to the Book of Abstracts and links to training sessions and FAQs that might be useful to future participants.

Poster Presentations Prize Winners

Best Poster Presentations

Megan KarnesEquity and improvements in health and wellbeing: Impact of environmental health interventions on wellbeing of people with hoarding behaviour (PwHB).
Herbert MwebeA qualitative discussion with Mental Health Nurses (MHNs) exploring views of their role and experience of undertaking cardiometabolic risk monitoring in inpatient mental health settings

Outstanding Poster Presentations

Maria Chifa, Gemma Reynolds and Fabia Franco    The impact of home musical activities on language development in infants born prematurely
Bassem BatainehThe Role Of HOXB13 Gene In The Wound Healing Process
Katherine Paice Assessing the prevalence and risk of disordered eating in female netball players
Dora Vidalina The effectiveness of EZH2 inhibitors in treating Human papillomavirus associated cancers and associated pathways

Oral Presentations Prize Winners

Best Oral Presentations

Manuela MaiguashcaDocumentary Filmmaking as an Ethical Process Practice
Kate MarchFeel Her Pain Project: Emerging Research Insights (Video screening with commentary)

Outstanding Oral Presentations

Lisa ChampionExploring how psychotherapists experience their self appearing in their therapeutic work
Pune Parsafar Iranian Women Unveiled: A Documentary Study of Representation of Iranian Women in Cinema
Chris CleaveHow do people heal their minds in everyday life?
Steven WellsMy Work Here is Done?
Stella DuffyAn existential phenomenological exploration into the embodied experience of postmenopause
Meghan LutonDeaf women’s experiences of maternity and primary care: an integrative review
Jwaad HussainA robot assistant for music therapy sessions
Nawa SakangaQuality Traceability for User-Centric Context-aware Systems in Intelligent Environments
Andrew PetersExpected Turnovers (xTurnovers) - A Statistical Model to Analyse Turnover Events in Football (Video screening with commentary)
Cariona FlahertyCritical Thinking in Nurse Education: Exploring critical thinking from the nurse lecturers’ perspective.
Praveer TowakelAn examination of multi-modal fusion for an FMCW radar and RGB-data
Paul JarvisReactive Strength Index and its Associations with Measures of Physical and Sports Performance: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis
Syeda Bushra Ali RizviDevelopment of a National Physical Activity Strategy for the multi-ethnic population of the United Arab Emirates
(UAE) to counteract the prevalence of chronic diseases – a mixed methods study
Angela SorensenImpact of load on weightlifting variables during the performance of the clean
Daniela MartinezMigratory bodies express markers of tumour initiating cells and may represent an early stage of osteosarcoma sarcosphere initiation and metastasis
Adetunji Ademola Interoperability of Electronic Health Records: Addressing Challenges
Bisi (Matthew) AdewoleAssessing the international Criminal Court's complementarity in relation to Situation in Georgia
Michael CardosoThe exercising of leadership within church settings: A Baptist and Non-Denominational Church Case Study
Rahaman MohammedBecoming a Social Worker: Learning Social Work Practice in the Placement Environment

RSSC Programme

You can download the Programme and Book of Abstracts here!

For all RSSC2022 participants and MDX Research Students, the MDX Learning Enhancement Team hosted the following sessions prior to the Conference to help participants prepare their abstracts, posters and get ready to present.

These sessions are very useful to gain essential knowledge and tips and have received excellent feedback from attendees in previous years. You can use the links below to register.

RSSC2022 Abstract preparation - presentation slides

RSSC2022 -  FAQs and Poster Presentation Guidelines

For any questions about participation in the Conference, we put together some FAQs which might be useful to those thinking about taking part in the future.

Read the FAQs

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