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    Further Academic Support

    Demonstrating academic integrity

    Academic integrity is a quality that demonstrates values such as honesty, fairness and respect for others and their work. We support students to learn about these important professional skills, so that you can be proud of your own work. Demonstrating academic integrity is a highly valued graduate attribute as it shows that you work in a professional and ethical way. To learn more about this subject, all new students must complete an online Academic Integrity Awareness Course. You can find this resource logging into MyUniHub and then going to My Learning. You will find the course under ‘My courses’.

    Extenuating circumstances

    Extenuating circumstances are exceptional, seriously adverse and outside-of-your-control situations that affect your ability to meet an assessment deadline or affect your performance in an assessment. We have put together some frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) on how to manage such circumstances and how to apply for a short extension or deferral of an assessment.  You should seek guidance and advice before your assessment deadline, or exam date, as it may be too late to make an application after the deadline. It is a student’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the online guidance before making an extenuating circumstances application.

    Student visiting the MuseumTake advantage of the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA)

    The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA) is part of Middlesex University and an excellent resource for your studies, particularly in Art and Design. Our collections of textiles, wallpapers, graphic design and illustration are very helpful for generating ideas, getting inspired and producing research.

    To get a good grade you need to understand what you’re being assessed on

    Your work at the University will be assessed in a number of ways. There may be a choice and it is very important that you complete all the required parts of the assessment. For more information regarding University assessment criteria, please see our University Regulations

    Take advantage of the Learning Enhancement Team to improve your writing

    The Learning Enhancement Team helps you to get the most out of your time at University, giving you the tools and support needed to excel in both Academic writing and Language and Maths, stats and numeracy.

    All students have a dedicated Personal TutorStudent taking advantage of the Learning Enhancement Team

    All students starting on undergraduate and foundation programmes will have a named Personal Tutor who will meet you at key points in the year and provide information and support if you have concerns at any point in the academic year. You can find the details of your Personal Tutor in myUniHub or the MDXapp within your Key Contacts section.

    Take advantage of the free and fast printing service on campus

    Another way that Middlesex helps to keep the cost of studying low is by offering free printing to all students. The Sheppard Library is the hub of print activity across campus with a range of printers installed for students. We expect all students to use the free printing and photocopying responsibly. See the how-to-guides for more information on using this service.

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