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    Bullying and harassment

    Bullying and harassment

    Middlesex University is committed to maintaining a working and learning environment free from any form of bullying or harassment. We all benefit from working and studying in an environment free from intimidation; whether you are the victim or witness, bullying and harassment contribute to stress-related ill-health and an unpleasant atmosphere.

    The University has a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to provide a safe working and learning environment, and that includes taking steps to ensure staff and students do not suffer ill health as a result of stress.

    What is harassment?

    Harassment is commonly defined as unwelcome attention in the form of unacceptable and/or offensive behaviour. Harassment on the grounds of Race, Gender, and Disability are all illegal in the UK, and in addition the Protection from Harassment Act (1997) widens the definition to include any behaviour that a reasonable person would regard as harassment. It does not matter that the harasser does not intend to harass.

    What is bullying?

    Bullying is the abuse of power or position to, for example, threaten, abuse, intimidate, insult, ridicule or criticise; to humiliate and undermine a person so that their confidence and self-esteem is destroyed. This can range from unlawful violence, shouting and sarcasm to more subtle forms such as setting a person up for failure with impossible workloads and deadlines. Please see the University's Anti-Bullying Policy - Anti-Bullying - HRPS18 for more information.

    What to do if you feel you are being bullied or harassed

    Any student who feels they may have been subject to bullying or harassment are encouraged to get in touch with our Cause for Concern Team. This is confidential and you can contact them on cause4concern@mdx.ac.uk. Please visit unihub.mdx.ac.uk/cause-for-concern for more information.

    Alternatively you can contact MDXSU who have officers who deal with student welfare who can give you support and act as mediators with other students or staff. Please contact: www.mdxsu.com/advice

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