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#NoHomeForHate exhibition

This exhibition collates selected student work which talks of the experiences of hate, such as racism, xenophobia, faith-based discrimination and homophobia. It calls on all of us to take a stand against hate.

Curry Breath

Directed by Tuhin Ahmed
Produced by Sam Mostajo 

This short film, produced by MDX students in 2018/19, captures the heavy burden of racism and xenophobia experienced by many people of South Asian ethnicity in the UK.

The protagonist reads a poem which talks of the discrimination and prejudice he experienced whilst growing up in London and the safe haven provided by MDX.

  • Hate crime on a bus

    Directed by Francisco Gouveia
    Produced by Carolina Costa

    This short film, produced by MDX students in 2018/19, challenges us all to reflect on what we would do if we were to witness a hate crime.

    Whilst the film was being screened as part of the Building Bridges end-of-year event, national newspapers were reporting on a homophobic attack on a London bus, making the film incredibly poignant.

    The film has since been used as part of Barnet’s Zero Tolerance to Hate Crime project.

  • Brexit and the rise of hate crime

    Directed by Israa Edamee
    Produced by Miriam Abdulameer

    On 23 June 2016, people in the UK voted in the EU referendum for the UK to leave Europe.

    A sharp increase in hate speech and reported and recorded hate crimes immediately followed.

    This film captures the fear caused from this rise in hate and the safe space provided by MDX.


Directed by Zuzanna Pencak
Produced by Ottavia Chiusano

This short film, produced by MDX students in 2017/18, portrays the impact of microaggressions - indirect, subtle, sometimes unintentional, comments, actions or behaviours which serve to repeat or reaffirm prejudicial stereotypes and position a dominant group as ‘normal’ whilst the Other group as inferior.

Microaggressions appeared consistently in the 2019 Equality and Human Right Commission (EHRC) inquiry into racial harassment, which we are working with  university partners to address.

  • Plant Yourself

    Directed by John Castro
    Produced by Urte Budaviciute

    This film was one of the stand-out films in the Building Bridges campaign of 2018/19. At the core of the film is a message about the positivity of diversity

    “It’s a blessing to be different. As a producer, I hope that this film will help someone realise that they are not alone. To those who have experienced anything, there are people who care who will support you.”

    - Urte Buddaviciute

  • Between the Lines

    Directed by Zac Gbedabo
    Produced by Piper Samuel

    The father of an MDX student shares his experience of the complexities of living with racism.

    This film has been used as part of work to retell stories of black struggle and success during Black History Month – an important point in the calendar to inspire and instil pride of community among Black people and remind us all of the many ways the Black community has shaped and informed aspects of identity that have touched everyone.

We Are More

Produced by Sara Nilsson, Barbara Trubacova, Krushika P. Gowda and Hamzq Ofleh

This simple yet effective short film addresses the prevalence of stereotyping whilst communicating a wonderfully positive message about community.

Most stereotypes involve generalisations of whole groups of people which are demeaning, devaluing, limiting and hurtful. Instead, the film campaigns for us to celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of difference.

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