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A collection of student-led resources that highlights the Changing the Culture Initiative

  • Welcome materials

What does it mean to be part of the #TeamMDX community? Here you’ll find introductory resources to help you understand and celebrate our key values as a diverse, inclusive, supportive and safe community.

  • Campaign books

Students work collated into various campaign multi-media books which raise awareness of key calendar events and promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

  • Anti-racism resources

Explore our collection of multi-media presentations to gain an understanding of key concepts and themes on how racism operates and what we can do about it.

  • Antisemitism resources

These learning resources aim to help you gain a better understanding of what antisemitism looks like, and so better equipped to call it out

  • Sexual Violence Awareness Resources

Educate yourself and others about sexual violence and what you can do to help change the culture and prevent incidents from occurring in the future.

  • Understanding sexual consent

    Learn about consent and how nothing less than an active, enthusiastic and freely-given "yes" will do.

  • Responding to sexual violence

    Read this short presentation to find out how you can respond to a disclosure of sexual violence in a supportive and helpful way.

  • CARE model

    Watch this short film to learn about the CARE model of being an active bystander and helping to prevent sexual violence.


If you've experienced or witnessed any form of sexual violence, please read our guidance on what you can do next.

Campaign calendar, posters and postcards

Students’ work was used to create a campaigns calendar which was handed out to every student during Welcome 2019/20, as well as posters and postcards promoting a monthly campaign.

Download a PDF of all the campaign posters and postcards

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