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#MeToo exhibition

This exhibition collates selected student work which talks about the experiences of women, whether of violence, harassment, a glass ceiling or just everyday sexism.  It serves as a call for all of us to demand gender equality.

He Loves You Not

Directed by Laura Torres Vargas and Paula Campos Coelho

This powerful short film tackles the issue of domestic violence and abuse.

It was the winner of the Chancellor Award at the Building Bridges Awards, 2018.

  • Weighted Words

    Directed by Jamie Gibson
    Produced by Cale Adilov

    This short film depicts the impact of sexualised bullying.

    At MDX, we strive for a safe environment, hate free. The behaviour and offensive language depicted in the film, whether in person or online, is not tolerated.

    Read our Report.It.To.Stop.It section for information on how to report bullying.

  • Women at MDX

    Directed by Ana Pinto
    Produced by Matilde Lopes

    Globally, too many girls and women are held back by biases, social norms and expectations influencing the quality of education they receive and the subjects they study.

    This short film captures the barriers some students encountered on their route to university and the empowerment they have felt once at MDX .

The Dusk

Directed by Jakub Janatka
Produced by GL De Guzman

This short film, made by MDX students, speaks to the truly terrifying nature of how online harassment can quickly evolve.

“The film highlights hidden inequalities in gender, and how the damage done to women is often overlooked.  It shows that there are people that care, and that they need not be afraid to speak up.”

- GL De Guzman

  • Being Part of the Conversation

    Directed by Justin Scher-Smith
    Produced by Gonçalo Pereira

    Three MDX students talk about the challenges and barriers they've faced as women.

    Sexism manifests in many different ways, from jokes to media objectification, pornography to violence, and to the internalised and self-loathing many women are taught to feel towards their own bodies.

    Stand up to sexism and help ensure that MDX has #NoHomeForHate.

  • The Moments She Will Never

    Directed by Anna Rihtere
    Produced by Marek Lustyk Docekal and Matt Barton

    This short film addresses the prevalence of LGBT hate and suicide, and was showcased at #Thrive LDN for World Mental Health Day.

    “I made this film not only in honour of LGBT but in honour of everyone who has faced bullying. It is extremely important to talk about problems, and only by talking, can we solve them.”

    - Ann Rihtere

Stand and Walk Away

A powerful short film, produced by MDX students, depicting sexual harassment on campus.

We have worked closely with the Higher Education sector to tackle the prevalence of sexual harassment experienced by university students.

If you’ve experienced, or witnessed, any form of harassment, find out about how to report and get support in our Report.It.To.Stop.It section.

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