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    Changing the Culture - Tackling sexual violence, bullying and harassment, hate crime and hate incidents

    Tackling sexual violence, bullying and harassment, hate crime and hate incidents

    An overview of the initiative

    The ‘Changing the Culture Initiative’ is a university-wide programme tackling sexual violence, harassment and hate crime.  To find out about the Initiative’s aims, areas of focus and the different projects which are underway, please click here.

    A key aspect of the work we’re doing to drive forward culture change is to embed the ‘Changing the Culture’ agenda in existing academic programmes whereby students complete accredited project work as part of their degree.  And, to then utilise the students’ amazing work for campaigns and awareness-raising events.

    For the student, by the student

    Throughout academic year 2019/20 we will be disseminating student project work in various ways to communicate important messages and to raise awareness.  We will be releasing campaign books around various themes so make sure to check in regularly so you don’t miss out!

    To celebrate, Pride 2019, please click here to view the Pride 2019 Campaign Book.

    Learn how you can be an agent of change for Black History Month by checking out our Black History Month Campaign Book.

    Support Holocaust Memorial Day and find out how we can all fight against hate and oppression by viewing our #StandTogether Campaign Book.

    Experienced sexual violence, bullying and harassment, hate crime or a hate incident?

    Contact Care and Concern for advice, guidance and support about what to do next if you’ve experienced, witnessed or know of any incident of any form of:

    • Sexual violence (abuse, assault, rape, harassment)
    • Bullying and harassment (intimidation, aggravation, force)
    • Hate crime or a hate incident (prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other grounds)

    Please click here to find out about the different options available for support (from the University and from external organisations) and reporting, including anonymously (to the police, to the University, to a third party organisation).

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