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    Vice Chancellor's Cup 2018


    Vice Chancellors Cup 2018

    In April, the Vice Chancellor's Cup returned to our campus for a second year running and once again we drew a good number of students to participate in a wide variety of physical and mental challenges. This free event took place on campus on the 11 April and was a tournament between each study area at the University.

    The study areas with the highest number of participants this year were Science and Technology, Arts and Creative Industries, and Business. The teams were awarded points for each activity they attended and additional points for where they placed in the competition, with most points for winning. Activities included Football Tennis, Sudoku and Word searches, Dodgeball, Reaction games, Pool, Crazy Golf, Total Wipe Out, Balloon Popping and so much more! Everyone who attended had an incredible day, trying new things, getting a free t-shirt, meeting new students from their study area and contributing towards the competition. The Vice Chancellor himself even came down to play a round of crazy golf and witness the carnage of Total Wipe Out and Dodgeball.

    As the final Dodgeball game was brought to a close, everyone crowded around, eagerly awaiting for the results of the tournament, tension was running high. This is a day of such varied skill, there is no way of predicting the outcome. As the winner was announced, Arts and Creative Industries went wild! They took the victory after struggling to get a team together last year. All participants and observers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and can't wait for next year!

    Mel Parker Head of Sport and Recreation awarded Prof Carole-Anne Upton with the VC Cup on behalf of the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries. Prof Upton was thrilled with the result and hopes to display the trophy in a prominent position within Grove building for students of the faculty to view and admire over the coming academic year.

    We'd like to give a special thank you to all the volunteers of the day! Events like these are not possible without them and we are very grateful for every single student who put themselves forward.

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