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    University Mental Health Day: "Circling Above"

    By MDX Student Writer, Bronwyn Evans

    To mark University Mental Health Day (1 March), Student Writer Bronwyn gives us a personal account of her own mental health journey

    For so many reasons, I am that person that finds reaching out to be uncomfortable, isolating, exposing… So, I learned to fend for myself, fight my own corner and rely on as few people as possible. For a long time, this worked for me and I can genuinely say I was happy in my little world.

    Then, life being as it is, things changed drastically. I suddenly had to support a family member that was suicidal, a child that had to be induced into a coma for treatment and convince an inherently corrupt police force in a 3rd world country to actually investigate the murder of another family member…

    I could feel the carrion-eaters circling above, waiting for me to make a wrong move, to stumble and fall.

    (Attribution: Creative Commons CC: 2.0 Wenchao Wang)

    But I couldn’t stumble.

    I was entering the middle of my university course when this all happened. This course is the gateway to a better future for my kids and a more fulfilling career for me. So, I made the decision to step far outside of my comfort zone and reach out. It started with an email to my head of year and PPD tutor. I was expecting a hard response, something like ‘you’re not fit enough to continue’.

    Instead, I received empathy and compassion. Then, I reached out to my study support tutor and just dumped my news onto her lap, like a slap in the face…

    By this point, I could feel myself wavering, carrying a weight that was driving me down, but I still had that smile plastered on my face.

    I was beginning to stumble…

    Again I was expecting to be told something like ‘you’re not fit enough to continue’. Instead, I was shown empathy and compassion and, much to my surprise, I was given support that was maintained. Finally, I reached out to my head of department who also gave me empathy, compassion and support.

    I can still feel the carrion-eaters circling from time to time, but for the first time in a long long time, I feel supported, like I have backup. Ashamedly, I was not expecting anyone to understand that I am human, just like everyone else…

    Now, I stand. I am not alone.

    Join the conversation this University Mental Health Day: Find out more about our counselling support service.

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