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    2017/18 – My Favourite Year At Middlesex

    By MDX Student Writer, Magda Kania

    Student writer Magda reports on a summary of the best events at MDX in 2017/18

    After three years spent at Middlesex, I can certainly say that the last year was my favourite. First of all, I finally stopped getting lost when looking for seminar rooms. Second, my course friends and I made it through our course together. And last, but not least, I decided to be more active when it comes to MDX happenings and life at university, and it was the best decision I’ve made this year.

    I genuinely think I’ve chosen the best university when it comes to events and entertainment. There were times when so many things were being organised that I wished there would be an extra day in a week so I could attend all of them. Here’s a snapshot of just some of them:


    Visits to different parts of the city‘Writing the City’ was my favourite module this year and one of the reasons for this were the trips outside uni. One day we visited the Museum of London to explore a temporary exhibition titled ‘The City is Ours’, which was closely connected with the subjects we were discussing during our seminars. Couple of weeks later, we met up near Whitechapel and discovered the area around it.

    I believe that activities that take you beyond campus – such as visiting museums or art galleries, makes your uni experience more exciting.


    Fundraising event organised by the Islamic Society This year, I also became aware of the inspirational people around me at uni. Fundraising and awareness campaigns have become the norm on campus  and I think it’s truly beautiful that all of our students are full of compassion and carry a good heart. These pictures are from a fundraising event organised by the Islamic Society in order to help orphans. For a small amount of money, you got a beautiful mehndi done and helped others at the same time. Brilliant idea!


    Lunch at OGILVY’SThere is no better feeling than knowing that your university can organise a lunch in a prestige advertising agency and you, as a student, get a free invitation to it and an opportunity to meet people from your industry. In fact, MDX organised a bunch of job fairs and events this year where students met alumni, or potential employers related to their respective courses.


    There was always an event running on campus this year. One of them was the MDX SU election - a great opportunity to talk with fellow students and exchange ideas, while waiting for the most important part of the night – revealing the decision of voters.

    Another event that sticks in the memory was ‘Stand Together’, a Facebook challenge campaign against hate speech online. The girls did an amazing job with running the profiles online but also spreading the word on campus, organising an information stall to spread awareness and of course – giving out free stickers, leaflets and sweets (!!).Images from the 'Stand Together' event

    The best way to make sure you don’t miss events at MDX next year is to follow the Middlesex University Instagram story posted at the beginning of each week, which gives a summary of all the upcoming events for that week.

    But for now – enjoy your holidays and stay tuned for the next year at MDX.

    If, like Adeyemi, you would like to write a Student Lifestyle Post, get in touch with us now!

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