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    How Middlesex University is working towards a greener future

    By Adeyemi Adelekan, Postgraduate Research Student

    Student writer Adeyemi reports on how the University is working towards a greener and more sustainable future

    Studying at Middlesex University will not only guarantee you a globally recognized degree, it will also make you part of a community that works towards a green and sustainable future.

    From the provision of recycling bins everywhere on campus to the greening of its buildings and social spaces, Middlesex places environmental sustainability at the centre of all its activities. The following initiatives are just some of the ways the University is building a greener community and how we can all benefit from this as students.

    Biodiversity and beautiful green spaces on campus: One of the noticeable features of our Hendon campus is its beautiful open green surroundings.

    The university, through its Biodiversity Action Plan known as “MDX Goes Green”, supports the development of natural grass and habitat through relaxed mowing, pond refurbishments and log piles, as well as, native species hedge introduction to encourage local wildlife on campus. Through the initiative’s second phase, the university hopes to make a positive impact by educating those in the local community about their local environment and helping out with pond maintenance and bulb planting.

    This is a great opportunity for you to participate as a volunteer and join the MDXSU, as well as, other students to make a real difference in the world.

    Bees: As explained by the British Beekeepers Association, Bees are pollinators vital to our food chain. One third of the food we eat wouldn’t be available if we didn’t have bees.

    With this important species facing the danger of extinction from our environment, Middlesex University students and staff have started something called the Urban Hive Archive Initiative. This initiative investigates the bee communities and involves the local community in order to raise further interest and demonstrate the need for an emotional connection with the plight of the honeybees. Students from the Art and Design school, both current and prospective, can learn more about this project and how to be a part of it by checking out the project page.

    Allotments at the back of the campus: If you are intrigued about the cultivation of foods and vegetables, while using the farm proceeds to feed the homeless and poor local people, then this is an initiative to be a part of. MDXSU, through the help of the university management, created the first student-run allotment on campus as part of the union’s ongoing commitment to create an ecologically sustainable environment. Read more about this initiative here.

    MDXFreewheelers: is a free campus cycle hire scheme that provides an option for alternative, sustainable travel. Having launched in January, students and staff are encouraged to keep fit, save money and save the environment by getting around campus, Allianz Park and the University’s halls by bike. Get to know more on how you can study and travel in healthy and sustainable ways through this initiative here.

    The university also recycles 60% of its waste and its carbon emission reduction is equivalent to removing 287 cars from the road each year. No wonder it won the People & Planet Green League award for its environmental performance and was nominated as a finalist in this year's Green Gown Awards, administered by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC).

    If, like Adeyemi, you would like to write a Student Lifestyle Post, get in touch with us now!

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